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Goldfield Belmont Survey

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In the Goldfield District the greater part of the production has beenin the dacits or in its vicinity. The reason for this is quite conclus-ive determined to lie not in any inherent quality of the dacite itself,but in thephysical conditions of fracture and shattering brought aboutby its intrusion and other movements having some connection therewith,leaving the territory ripe for the circulation of and deposit from thethermal waters which followed thereafter.In the Black Butte property adjoining the Midnight Fraction on thewest the ore has to a great extent been found to be associated withirregular intrusive tongues of dacite, being the westerly extremitiesof a considerable body which extends across the Midnight Fraction claimto the east. This dacite being intrusive, it is evident that it came toits position from below and that the fracturing which permitted itsaccess and its position in the main east-west zone of fracture and alter-ation must have rendered the condition of this territory favorable forthe access of the deposit from the mineralizing circulation which follow-ed, and which is shown from its deposit in the Black Butte to have beenrich in gold. On the Midnight Fraction there is exposed a great deal of quartzof very promising appearance but what little work has been done thereonis insufficient to determine the extent of character of the ledges.This claim being thus favorably located justifies comprehensive devel-opment, either by following the quartz bodies from the surface or bycrosscutting from the main shaft or both.While the showing on the Pawnee claim deserves exploration it seems wise for the present to confine the development to the Mid-night Fraction claim as it gives better promise of successful results.



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Goldfield Belmont Survey
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