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THE BULLETINstant friction and frequent wars, when such are the conditions.I have tried to show you that the organization of labor marks a necessary step in the progress of the human race. That it is impossible to return to the individualism of the past. That we should not if we could and that we could not if we would.The solution of our labor problem lies not in harking back to an ancient and discarded philosophy of life but in moving forward toward larger liberty because of a better organization of the industrial forces of society.W. J. TAYLOR, Vice-President.TEKOA(W. L. Elder, Correspondent) To the Editor, Shop Employes' Bulletin:Please permit me to contribute a few words from Tekoa, Washington, third Division.Mr. H. E. Hodgson, our General Foreman spent a week the latter part of January at Salt Lake on business.R. W. Edwards, Engine Inspector, was acting Foreman in the absence of Mr. Hodgson. It kept "Dick" very busy attending to all business at the shop and "Dick" also has SOME dairy herd to take up his time at home. "Dick" has one Jersey cow.James Shield, our able Stationary Engineer, has been quite sick for some time, but is able to be at his post of duty again.Walter John's family has had a siege of sickness, measles, scarlet fever, etc. "Walt" has been quarantined away from home so long that he has forgotten what home is like.T. J. Mussing, our Boiler Inspector, went to Spokane February 1, to meet his wife. She is going to visit in Tekoa for a few days. "Shorty's" family lives in Tacoma.O. E. Farnam made a flying trip in the mud to Spirit Lake, Saturday night, January 26th. Earl is some Ford speed demon, and loves to see the mud fly.APOLOGYOn account of so much space being needed for general subjects, we find it impossible at this time to publish the various items of news that have come from different points. We believe we will be in a position to do so in next issue.—Editor.JOINT MEETING OF MECHANICAL SUPERVISORS AND SYSTEM OFFICERS OF THE SHOP EMPLOYES' ASSOCIATION - UNION PACIFIC SYSTEM Interpretations and mutual arrangement entered into between Mechanical Supervisors Association and The Shop Employes' Association, Union Pacific System, at joint conference held at Salt Lake City, Utah, January 23rd, 1924.The following officers of The Mechanical Supervisors Association and The Shop Employes' Association were present:C. E. Wood, System General Chairman, Mechanical Supervisors Association. H. E. Hodgson, Vice-General Chairman, Mechanical Supervisors Association. C. H. Harris, System General Secretary-Treasurer, Mechanical Supervisors Association. E. Pickles, General Chairman, LA& SL Unit, Mechanical Supervisors Association. C. E. Anderson, President, The ShopEmployes' Association. W. J. Taylor, Vice-President, TheShop Employes' Association. W. S. Ferris, System General Secretary.The Shop Employes' Association. Invitation was extended to the following, to attend meeting, for Mutual Benefits which might accrue: P. A. Steers, President, [Maintenance]of Way Foremen's Association. E. E. Martin, Secretary-Treasurer, Maintenance of Way Foremen's Association. G. W. Lake, Secretary-Treasurer, Miscellaneous Employes' Association.By unanimous agreement Mr. C. E. Wood was appointed to act as chairman of the meeting.After a thorough discussion of conditions arising, due to Foremen being returned to the ranks of Mechanics the following interpretation of agreement between The Shop Employes' Association - Union Pacific System, and The Union Pacific System Lines, was rendered: (1) That a Foreman who was promoted from the craft prior to effective date of The Shop Employes' Association agreement (September 1, 1922) has until September 1, 1925, to render notification of his intention to either establish seniority in the craft at point now employed, or topoint from which he was promoted from a Mechanic.(2)That a Foreman employed as such and not promoted from the rank of Mechanics, holds seniority with the Craftsmen from date of employment as Foreman.The following mutual arrangement entered into:That a Foreman or Craftsman who has previously paid dues into his respective Association, and is either demoted or promoted to a position coming within the jurisdiction of the other Association that he pay Enrollment Fee into the organization to which he changes, but that such Foremen or Craftsmen will not be required to pay dues into the other Association until receipts for dues in the Association which he left has expired, after which he will pay dues into the Association under whose jurisdiction he falls.C. E. WOOD,C. E. ANDERSON,The above mentioned arrangement was made necessary because of the fact that in the adjustment of forces men from the ranks who had been advanced to positions as Foremen and subsequently demoted felt that they were being discriminated against and were penalized for having made at least an honest effort to advance themselves.It is not nor has it ever been the position of our Association to dis-courage a man in his effort to better his condition. The fact is that our agreement with the Management has as its express object the inducement and encouragement of men of ability to try for better positions. And insofar as your System Officers were able consistently with the Agreement between The Show Employes' Association and the Union Pacific System Lines to do so their desire was and is to keep and develop the spirit of confidence and good-fellowship that should exist where perfect cooperation is to be found.C. E ANDERSON, President W. J. TAYLOR, Vice-President W. S. FERRIS, Gen'l SecretaryANNOUNCEMENTAs a result of the recent election of Officers to serve on the System Board of Adjustment for the term, January to July, 1924, we are pleased to announce the election of Mr. J. H. Connors as chairman and Chas. F. Ohm as vice-chairman of said board. Also Mr. R. B. Coogan, being elected by the Los Angeles Unit to serve on the System Board of Adjustment.



Union Pacific Shop Bulletin 2
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