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THE BULLETIN 3The Shop Employes' Association Union Pacific SystemBULLETINelection of System Officers as provided for in Article XII, Section 1 of the By-Laws.C. E. ANDERSON,President.TO ALL LODGE OFFICERS AND MEMBERS QUARTERLY DUES AND ASSESSMENTSIn conformity with the notice published in The Shop Employes' Association Bulletin of October 31, 1923, advising that on and after January 24th, the collection of Membership Dues, Enrollment Fee and Special Assessments would not be made on the payrolls of the Union Pacific System Lines, and acting in conformity with the authority conferred upon me by the laws of the Association, I do hereby issue and place in effect beginning with January 1st, 1924, the following rules governing the collection of such dues, fees and assessments.1. Enrollment FeeThe Enrollment Fee of $1.00 and proportion of Membership Dues for unexpired portion of current quarter shall be paid to the Treasurer of the Lodge, not later than thirty days after the member signs application for membership in this Association or enters the service of the Railroad Company. Failure to make such payment will automatically cancel his application for membership in the Association.2. Quarterly Dues(a) The Quarterly dues ($2.25 for each member whose hourly rate on date dues are paid is 55c per hour or over, and $1.50 for each member whose hourly rate is less than 55c per hour) shall be paid in advance to the Treasurer of the Lodge on or before the last day of each month preceding the first month of quarter for which the quarterly dues are payable, i. e., quarterly dues for the first quarter of the year must be paid on or before December 31st, of the preceding year; for the second quarter, on or before March 31st; for the third quarter, on or before June 30th, and for the fourth quarter, on or before September 30th, of each year.(b) Members temporarily out of active service of the Railroad Company account of reduction in force sickness, extended leave of absence, or other good and sufficient cause shall be exempt from payment of Membership Dues during such time as they are out of the active service of the Company. Provided, however, that such exemption shall not be retroactive and be a claim for refund of dues paid in advance, and shall applyPublished Monthly by System General Secretary No. 25 Interurban Station, Salt Lake. City, UtahAll correspondence for publication to be addressed to the office as above.News Items and Manuscript Articles respectfullysolicited from all members.W. S. Ferris, System General Secretary.Subscription Free to All Members of AssociationSYSTEM OFFICERSC. E. Anderson.......................................PresidentW. J. Taylor.................................Vice-PresidentW. S. Ferris..................System General SecretaryRULING ON CONVENTION TIME"Legislative power herein granted shall be vested in a System Convention which shall meet biennially during the month of July."The language used is such that the meaning is not clear as to the date from which to calculate in order to properly determine the time for the next biennial convention. It, therefore, becomes necessary for a decision to be rendered from this office.Article XI, Section 2, of the By-Laws reads:"Unless otherwise specified, terms of all Committee Officers and representatives shall date from July 1st of year in which elected."Article X, Section 1, of the Constitution reads:"The President shall interpret Association Law and render decisions there on subject to the will of the Convention."Now, therefore, I, C. E. Anderson, President of The Shop Employes' Association - Union Pacific System, in conformity with authority vested in me by said above quoted Article X, Section 1, of the Constitution, interpret the before mentioned Articles V, Section 1, of the Constitution and Article XI, Section 2, of the By-Laws to mean that July 1, 1922, shall be the date from which to calculate and determine the time for succeeding Biennial System Conventions.In keeping with above interpretation and decision the next System Convention will be held in Salt Lake during the month of July, 1924, at which time there will take place theYour System Officers feeling that there are a number of things that need to be changed in the Constitution and By-Laws of the Shop Employes' Association as they now appear, suggest that the rules pertaining to Association government be studied in Lodge meetings, in like manner to that carried on in the study of the Agreement before the revision of the schedule of wages and working conditions, and the developed thoughts sent to the Unit Secretary-Treasurer for the purpose of presentation to the coining convention for final action.The efficiency of our organization and the success of the whole movement depends largely upon the action of the individual. It can therefore, readily be seen that each and all should make an earnest effort to become more fully acquainted with the rules governing our Association; and this can better be done by consistent study and friendly discussion than any other way. And further to give constructive suggestions requires that the subject be more or less familiar.The Union Pacific System is so extensive that conditions and requirements at some places are not necessarily those that obtain at others; therefore, our Constitution studied in the light of actual needs of one locality might require changes that some of us know nothing about at present.We therefore, solicit and will welcome your suggestions because through them the body of the Convention will be enabled the better to formulate rules for the government of our 14,000 members that will be just, equitable, and right and be the means of safe-guarding to them the benefits to be derived from an organization such as is ours.The foremost desire on our part is to help develop by cooperative action and thought an organization that will stand the acid test of time because the foundation is laid on the bed rock of principle and not on the shifting sands of expediency.C. E. ANDERSON, W. J. TAYLOR, W. S. FERRIS.



Union Pacific Shop Bulletin 3
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