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4THE BULLETINto only such pro rata proportion of dues of a subsequent quarter in which the member is not employed for causes above stated. 3. Penalties for Non-Payment of Quarterly Dues and Special Assessments.(a) A member failing to pay the quarterly dues to the Treasurer of the Lodge on or before date specified in preceding rule, automatically becomes expelled from membership in the Association, effective the first day of the following month. A member thus expelled may be reinstated to membership only upon acceptance by the lodge of an application for reinstatement, payment of enrollment fee and all quarterly dues and assessments delinquent. (b) The same penality as is provided for the non-payment of quarterly dues shall apply to a member who fails to pay a special assessment on or before date specified for payment in notice of such special assess-ment. 4. Payment of Quarterly Dues, En-rollment Fee and Special Assessments by Mail. Members at outlying points who do not have access to lodge will pay Quarterly Dues, Enrollment Fee and Special Assessment by bank check, Post Office or Express money order to the Treasurer of the Lodge. Time stamped on envelope will be accepted as proof of the date paid. When such payments are forwarded through the mail, the individual member assumes responsibility for same reaching the hands of the Treasurer.5. Responsibility for Payment of Enrollment Fee, Quarterly Dues and Special Assessments.The responsibility for the payment of each member's quarterly dues and special assessments rests with the individual member. Each member must personally see to it that his quarterly dues and special assessments are either paid direct or mailed to the Treasurer.6. Receipt Books and Stamps(a) The Treasurer of the Lodge will be furnished with a supply of new form receipt book which will be a receipt for the payment of $1.00 Enrollment Fee, and provide spaces for the attaching of stamps which will be a receipt for the payment of Membership Quarterly Dues and Special Assessments. The Quarterly Dues and Special Assessment stampswill be furnished only on application to the Unit General Secretary-Treasurer, and upon payment of 60% of the face value of same. These stamps will be issued in denominations of $1.50 and $2.25, to cover payment of Membership dues as provided in our Constitution and By-Laws. Special Assessment stamps will be provided when the occasion demands. These stamps must be purchased in advance of the quarterly payment of dues and Treasurers will; arrange to place their order with the Unit General Secretary-Treasurer immediately after January 1st, 1924.(b) Upon the payment of Quarterly Dues or Special Assessments by a member to the Treasurer one of the stamps of the proper denomination will be affixed to his stamp receipt book in the proper space as indicated. When a new member pays his Enrollment Fee he will be furnished with a receipt stamp book, and all old members who have previously paid the Enrollment Fee will be furnished with a receipt stamp book and the Treasurer will keep a record of the serial number and the member to whom these books are issued as they represent $1.00 each in his accounts and will be so checked by the Auditing Committee.(c) A special stamp will be provided for the payment of pro rata proportion of Membership Dues for new members entering the service or those not eligible to pay a full quarter account having been temporarily out of service and special instruction will be issued later covering their use.8. Duty of MembersEvery member should use his influence towards inducing new employes to become members of the Association and to induce expelled members to become reinstated, and should put forth every consistent effort to secure applications from such employes. The Chairman and members of each local Committee of adjustment will consider it one of their special duties to secure applications for membership from new employes and applications for reinstatement from expelled members, in each of their respective crafts, and class of other employes.9. Effective DateThe foregoing rules become effective January 1, 1924, and will remain in effect thereafter until andunless changed by the properly constituted authority of The Shop Employes' Association-Union Pacific System.10. Use of Present Forms andReports The use of all present forms and reports except Membership Due Receipts and Enrollment Receipts will be continued as at present.11. Payments to be Made toTreasurer It shall be the duty of each and every member to make all payments to Treasurer without solicitation. Members failing to make such payments will forfeit their membership in the Association and all benefits accruing thereunder; as it is only through the efforts of collective bargaining that our present high standards can be maintained, so let's all contribute our mite to place our Association on a business basis and secure for each and every one the perpetuation of our present standard of wages and working conditions as now prevails on the Union Pacific System Lines." MINOR CHANGES IN ABOVE RULES.Since the foregoing rules were sent out some changes have been found desirable. Article 6, Section (c) refers to a special stamp for a prorata proportion of Membership Dues. This was found inadvisable to secure at present owing to the cost of supplies for this quarter and the small amount of such stamps that would be required by the system in general. Therefore, as a substitute it is suggested that the space in stamp book provided for that particular quarter be simply marked with red ink giving the amount paid, the date payment is made and the initials of the Treasurer.Rubber concellation stamps will be furnished the respective lodges with which to cancel the stamps when they are placed in stamp books after payment has been made by the member.In the use of these cancellation stamps the imprint should be made partly on the due stamp and partly on the book.C. E. ANDERSON, President, The Shop Employes' Association.There is no higher wisdom than to lose yourself in useful industry and be kind—Elbert Hubbard.



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