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THE BULLETIN5SHOP COUNCILSWhen our organization was founded it was the desire of all parties concerned, management and men, that anything and everything from a complaint to a suggestion on improvement be thoroughly discussed to develop whatever there might be of merit in it to the end that harmony and consequent efficiency might be developed to the highest possible degree. 'The results having been highly satisfactory to the management they have seen fit to further develop the plan of local management and local Comitteemen meeting together to work out to the greater satisfaction of all concerned all questions or subjects that might be considered. The plan as now worked out for the coming year appears in the form of instructions issued by the respective Superintendents of Motive Power. "The beneficial results accruing both to the Shop Employes and the Management through the meetings had by the Local Supervising Officials and the Local Representatives of the employes in carrying out the pro-visions of Section 7, General Rules of The Shop Employes' Agreement reading: Are so apparent, that it has been decided to amplify the plan heretofore placed in effect for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of the above quoted section as follows:"To the end that the employes may receive the full benefit of cooperation with the company and that both parties to this Agreement may equally profit thereby, each individual member of this Association is to feel and understand that it is not only his duty to himself and his fellow employes and the Company, but his privilege to call the attention of his Local Committee to:'(a) A suggested change in location of machinery or equipment or of any other shop appliances or of added protection thereon which might result in a greater degree of safety to the employes or of increase in efficiency or economy in operation.''(b) To the general surroundings which might be so arranged as to lead to more healthful surroundings or to greater degree of comfort to em- ployes, and,'(c) In a general way to any question or factor which, ate the individual views the situation, may be so handled as to result in the mutual advantage of employes and Company.' 'The Local Committee will investigate each such matter to which their attention is called and if in their judgment it is meritorious they will handle with the proper official or offi- cials who will give careful consideration thereto and should it be decided that action is justi-fied, it shall be done. A record will be made of all matters handled to a conclusion, includ- ing the action taken, a report thereon made through the General Manager's office to the Sys-tem Board of Adjustment, and proper reference will be made 'thereto in the Boards' annual report.'"1. The meetings shall hereafter be known as 'Shop Councils.'"2. Shop Councils shall be held once a month at each shop where not less than 50 employes represented by The Shop Employes' Association are regularly employed, provided that where in the judgment of the Superintendent of Motive Power, meeting should be held at points having a less number of men than 50, that he be authorized to arrange such meetings.""At points where Shop Council meetings are not held, the individual members of the Association should make suggestions direct to their Local Committeemen in the manner specifically provided for in Section 7, quoted in the foregoing.""3. The Shop Council shall be held on date of each month, and shall begin at hour mutually arranged by the Chief Supervising Officer and the Local Chairmen of the Association at that point. The date and hour should be so fixed that Shop Councils thereafter may be held on same date and hour insofar as practicable.""Where date for Shop Council falls on a holiday, the following day shall be substituted.""4. The Chief Supervising Of-ficer, or designated representative at each shop or point, shall attend each meeting of Shop Council. The Supervising Officer will make necessary arrangements to the end that themaximum number of his subordinate officers will be in attendance at each meeting.""5. All Local Committeemen who are employed on shift during which Shop Council is held, shall attend each meeting unless one or more of the committeemen are at that time employed on work which they can-not leave. No deduction in time will be made for such committeemen on account of attending Shop Council. Local Committeemen employed on other shifts should attend Shop Council meetings but the attendance of such committeemen will be without expense to the Company." "6. Officers other than those included in the above paragraph 4, and employes other than those included in the above paragraph 5, may attend meeting of the Shop Council.""7. At each meeting of the Shop Council held subsequent to the first meeting held under these rules, the Chairman for the next meeting shall be selected. The Chairmanship shall alternate from meeting to meeting between one of the officers or subordinate officers and one of the com-initteemen.""8. Minutes shall be kept of proceedings at each meeting, and will be signed by the Chairman and Secretary of that meeting. The minutes shall show:"(a) Place and date Shop Council held.(b) Names of those attending: (1) Officers and official title.(2) Committeemen and craft or class of each.(3) Others present.(c) Subjects discussed and action taken."9. The order of business at each meeting shall be as follows:"(a) Reading of minutes of preceding meeting held----, showingaction taken thereon.""(b) Suggestions that may lead to safer practices or more comfortable or more healthful surroundings.""(c) Suggestions that may lead to greater economies in operation or to increased efficiency.""(d) Differences of opinion arising under the application of the agreement that have been handled up to, but not inclusive of the officer in charge at that point provided the Local Chairman of the Craft or Class of Employes affected has filed notice of appeal on question which he de-



Union Pacific Shop Bulletin 5
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