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R.H. Beauchamp letter to W. R. Bracken, December 21, 1922, page 1

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UNION PACIFIC SYSTEM. UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY. OREGON SHORT LINE RAILROAD COMPANY. OREGON-WASHINGTON RAILROAD & NAVIGATION COMPANY. LOS ANGELES & SALT LAKE RAILROAD COMPANY. THE ST. JOSEPH & GRAND ISLAND RAILWAY COMPANY. OPERATING DEPARTMENT, 1416 DODGE STREET, OMAHA, NEBRASKA. Caliente, Nevada, December 21st, 1922. Mr. W. R. Bracken, Director, Chamber of Commerce, Las Vegas, Nevada. Dear Mr. Bracken: The good results you are obtaining through your standing with the commercial men at this point are worthy of commendation and I was particularly impressed with the editorial we were talking about but I am wondering if this should not be followed up by more editorials which will assist us very materially in bringing about a still better condition. I had in mind particularly the reported attitude of the families of the local people towards our shop employees and their children. Would you not suggest to the Editor that he write an editorial touching upon the necessity of according courteous treatment to our employees and particularly to the injustice of the practice of making insulting remarks to their children? I understand this is done at school and other places. It seems to me the principals of the schools could aid us very materially in correcting this situation but I believe the matter should first be touched upon by the Editor, who, I am sure, can find words strong



R.H. Beauchamp letter to W. R. Bracken, December 21, 1922, page 1
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