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R.H. Beauchamp letter to W. R. Bracken, December 21, 1922, page 2

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-2- to properly condemn mistreatment of children. I think perhaps he might be prevailed upon to picture the necessity of the local people applying and observing the spirit of sportsmanship. Something along these lines would be very helpful. I think perhaps it might also be well for something to be said about the activities of I.W.W. and organizations of the same stamp and type proceeding with their activities under another name. I understand they are quite active in Las Vegas and it occurs to me the business men and citizens of that community are as much interested in stamping out this vicious element as we are. Whatever you can do along these lines will be very helpful and greatly appreciated. Yours very truly, R.H. Beauchamp



R.H. Beauchamp letter to W. R. Bracken, December 21, 1922, page 2
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