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claims, put the property entirely out of the range of what our Reduction Company could pay. Then was brought forward the plans for Williams to organize the sundry claimants into a group, form a stock company, giving the sundry claim owners stock in lieu of cash or future payment of cash. In this way $1000 paid the cash outlay required, including most of the expense of the organization. We were further required to agree that the Water Company should pipe the water when obtained to certain mining claims about one mile distant, and near the town site mentioned.In the division the Reduction Company got of stock.... $92,000 00Claim owners ...................................... . 91,500 00Remaining in treasury......... ....................... 116,500 00$300,000 00 The claims are 10 in number, overlapping in places, leaving about 90 acres in area. WATER DEVELOPMENT. The story of -water searching and well digging might be a long one. Before beginning work I had General Manager of Tonopah Water Company review the ground, got as much of the benefit of his experience as possible. I have had every United States, state and corporation expert that ever came to camp to view the ground. It has resulted in getting but little of value and experience is and can be the only teacher. Suffice it to say that no work that has been done is not without value, much value, in supplying water. The deep well which cost more and yields less than others which cost less, is, however, of value as a water source, and great value as a sump for cencentrating water from the other wells. It is 80 feet deep, with a drift at 70 feet, 75 feet to the west. It flows about 2000 gallons daily, and is a reservoir of 12,000 to 15,000 gallons capacity. The other wells on the property are seven in number. They are: No. 1—Schmidtlein Spring, flowing about...... 1,000 gallons dailyNo. 2—Lower Well, flowing about............... 2,000 gallons daily- ¦• No. 3—Deep Well, flowing about................ 2,000 gallons dailyNo. 4—Flowing about......................... 1,500 gallons dailyNo. 5—Flowing about......................... 500 gallons dailyNo. 6—Flowing about......................... 2,000 gallons dailyNo. 7—Flowing about......................... 5,000 gallons dailyNo. 8—Flowing about.........................10,000 gallons daily24,000 gallons daily Schmidtlein flows to lower well and a pump puts it in a tank reservoir 100 feet above. Nos. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 flow by syphon to the deep well and is put in same tank by pump. Nos. 7 and 8 are 2000 feet up the canyon from the deep well.FUTURE DEVELOPMENT. The character of the sands where Nos. 7 and 8 are is such that in my judgment a deepening of these wells and drifting in the sands will yield not less than 40,000 to 50,000 gallons of water daily. Many wells may be sunk anywhere along the whole line of the gulch of the company's property which will each yield 500 to 1000 or more daily. So far one flow has not affected the flow of another. As to the permanency of this flow no man can tell. The one point on which the experts agree is that the flow is subterranean and not from snow or rainfall in the Montezuma Mountains, ten miles away. My judgment is that the taking of 50,000 gallons daily out of those upper sands will not equal the daily seepage and evaporation that has been going on for hundreds of years. The rains and snows in the district cannot add appreciatively to the supply.OTHER WATER IN THE DISTRICT. This may be disposed of by saying that the Combination Mining Company has canvassed, bonded and prospected every water indication within a radius of twenty miles at a cost of not less than $10,000, resulting in the ownership of the Alkali Springs, twelve miles distant, purchase price $5000. They are 800 feet below Goldfield level. They claim 100,000 gallons as the flow of this spring. The water is hot. They say they will elevate and pipe this to Goldfield district for milling purposes.Rabbit Springs, one-quarter of a mile north of our supply, flows 7000 to 9000 gallons daily, and is piped to Columbia, a small growing town north of Goldfield.There are a few wells about the town of Goldfield of small flow. From two of these water is peddled in barrels to residents on side streets. Many of these will welcome the pipe line instead.THE WATER COMPANY PLANT. In addition to the ten claims mentioned and the wells along the canyon, the company own three-quarters of a mile of 11/4"and 2" syphon pipe line from wells Nos. 7 and 8 to the main line pipe, also the 2" pipe line from wells Nos. 1, 2 and 3 to the tank reservoir. A six-horse power boiler, a duplex Deane pump of 40 gallons per minute capacity, a Hooker pump of 25 gallons capacity,



Tonopah Reduction Company Report p2
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