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THE BULLETIN 3The Shop Employes' Association Union Pacific SystemBULLETINPublished Monthly by System General Secretary 805 Deseret Bank Building, Salt Lake City, UtahAll correspondence, for publication to be addressed to the office as above.News Items and Manuscript Articles respectfully solicited from all members. R. J. PUTNAM, System General SecretarySubscription Free to All Members of AssociationSYSTEM OFFICERSC. E. Anderson..........................................PresidentW. J. Taylor....................................Vice-PresidentR. J. Putnam............System General SecretaryANNIVERSARYOne year has elapsed since the agreement between the Urtion Pacific System Lines and The Shop Employes' Association-Union Pacific System went into effect, namely September 1st, 1922. It has been deemed expedient to revise the first agreement and therefore, ef-fctive September 1st, 1923, such revised agreement will be placed in effect.A great deal has been said and written about this first agreement both pro and con, and while it is true, that no book, as yet written, has been perfect, yet I believe, that taking into consideration, the conditions under which it was compiled that our first agreement was bordering on that state of perfection which has heretofore never been attained in the railroad game.It is true that various complaints and differences of opinion have arisen under this agreement, and it is a matter of experience that this is also true of any and all laws made for the government of men.It is also a fact that in such cases where complaints and differences have arose between the men and the management on the application or interpretation of the agreement, that the best results have been attained in those cases that were handled strictly in accordance with the provisions of the agreement.The features embodied in the first agreement outlining the method of adjusting such differences of opinion, or handling complaints, Was not been changed in the new agreement, for the reason, that, after a careful analysis, it was found to be workable in all respects, and the only reason that certain matters had not been adjusted satisfactorily, was because the proper methods and procedure as provided in the agreement had not been followed.Therefore, I desire to impress upon each member of the association that where any question may arise in the application or interpretation of the agreement, that a strict adherance tothe method of handling same, through the local committees and on appeal to higher officials of the Association and the railroad company, is all amply provided for, and, if conscientiously followed, will guarantee that your case will receive proper and just consideration.This agreement was entered into in good faith by both the association and the management and if each and every member and committeeman will only meet the conditions with that same spirit of good faith in the honesty and integrity of the ones who represented both the members and the management in making and signing this document, they will have no one to blame but themselves when they do not get a square deal.It therefore, is your duty Mr. Member and Mr. Committeeman to read your agreement carefully and study its provisions for handling complaints, and if strictly followed, and the cases properly presented I am sure our next year will be one of more contentment to each and every member and official who is working with the Union Pacific System Lines.R. J. PUTNAM, System General Secretary.ARGO(F. E. Boyett, Correspondent.)Argo Lodge held their regular meeting Wednesday, July 25th. We had a real good meeting with a good crowd present, all anxious to hear the outcome of the convention from our Delegate, Mr. Wescott. He gave us a splendid talk and explained the fine work that was accomplished by the men at the convention.After the meeting, we held a drawing contest whereby $10.00 was given away in five $2.00 prizes, and same being won by L. Taylor, T. Eney, G. Roessler, P. Murphy and L. Mills.Our president, A. N. Galletly, is on a two weeks vacation to Vancouver, B. C. Here is hoping he has a cold one while there.Oscar our engine inspector, has taken up golf as a recreation after work hours.Mr. F. S. Anderson, our jolly foreman, took advantage of his wife's absence during her trip to Denver and had the kitchen treated to a new coat of paint. Perhaps she won't ask the reason why all the empty milk bottles, but 'tis the best we have this day and time.Wonder why Saunders, the night machinist walks to Yester Way to catch the car.Curly says he will wash his face when Xmas comes.Ray Parfitt (Barney Google) will come September 1st, to enter college. Good luck Ray, hope you succeed.A. Dolan our blacksmith was elected past president last meeting.PICNIC OF WESTERN DIVISIONThe Shop Employes' of the Union Pacific Line from Cheyenne to Evan-ston enjoyed an outing at Lagoon, the popular resort between Salt Lake City, and Ogden, Utah, on Monday, August 20th.A special train of seven Pullman sleepers was run west from Cheyenne, picking up the boys and their families at various shop points west to Evan-ston, and this train arrived at Ogden about 9 o'clock in the morning.The party was made up of about 1500 employees and their families and as soon as they arrived at Ogden, they imediately were transferred to cars on the Bamberger Electric Railway where they were transported to Lagoon.The Shop Employes' Association Band from Evanston accompanied the party and made things merry at Ogden, and on the arrival at Lagoon rendered several selections which were much appreciated by the members of the party.At noon the basket picnic was spread on the tables in the shady nooks of the park and after all had partaken of their lunch the balance of the afternoon was spent in various kinds of sports, ending with a ball game between Evanston and Green River Teams of the Shop Employes' Association.A number of the party availed themselves of the opportunity to visit Salt Lake City, taking in the Tabernacle Organ Recital at noon and various other points of interest.Those who remained at Lagoon for the afternoon and evening festivities enjoyed the dancing and other sports which were provided at the resort, and about 11:50 p. m. a special train of the Bamberger Electric Railway brought the tired but happy party back to their sleeping cars at Ogden where they embarked for home, leaving Ogden about 1:00 a. m. arriving at their destination, a tired but happy throng.All voted the outing a huge success and many expressions were heard very favorable to making this an annual event.O WONDERFUL HORSE"O horse, you are a wonderful thing; no buttons to push, no horn to honk; you start yourself, no clutch to slip; no spark to miss, no gears to strip; no license-buying every year, with plates to screw on front and rear; no gas bills climbing up each day, stealing the joy of life away; no speed cops chugging in your rear, yelling summons in your ear. Your inner tubes are all O. K., and, thank the Lord, they stay that way; your spark plugs never miss and fuss; your motor never makes us cuss. Your frame is good for many a mile; your body never changes style. Your wants are few and easy met; you've something on the auto yet."—Ranger H. R. Elliottt, of the Maalheur, in American Forestry. (Washington.)



Union Pacific Shop Bulletin p 3
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