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THE BULLETIN5NORTH PLATTE-SIDNEY TUG-OF-WAROMAHA(George Weinert, Correspondent)Omaha Lodge No. 1 held its First Annual Basket Picnic at Valley, Nebraska, July 28, 1923.The day was ideal as was the picnic grounds having such facilities as bathing, boating and dancing all of which were well patronized. Booths were erected for ice cream and lemonade, water melons and pop.The Omaha shops were closed on this day and a special train was furnished to Valley and all who wished to go were given a pass there and return.Now when we stop and consider this we cannot help but think that when a great organization such as the Union Pacific stops long enough in its activities to do this for its employees it shows that some where in this organization there are men who have a personal interest in the men in their employ and I take this opportunity as a committeeman in behalf of every member of our Association to thank each and every member of the management for the cooperation they extended us to make this picnic the great success it was.It was a galla day and the boys and girls took great delight in showing their ability in the many events which were held. The winners were rewarded first $1.50, second $1.00, third 50c as prizes.The ladies and men's races and contests were entered with, I dare say,more pep than were those of the kiddies, the winners of these were awarded $2.50, $1.50, $1.00 as prizes.Two ball games were played. The Foremen vs. Locomotive Department 7 innings and Car Shops vs. Blacksmith Shop, 7 innings. A $25.00 purse was given the winners of each of these contests.Mr. J. V. Anderson, superintendent Nebraska Division and Mr. G. J. Hatz, superintendent Omaha Shops each giving us a short but interesting talk and wished us all to have a good time, which wish was also extended to them by the committee on behalf of every one present.Fred Elias and his Jazz Maniacs furnished the music during the entire day, both concert and dance and very ably rendered a few cornet solos.Mr. Dick Moore had charge of the lemonade stand and dished out in the neighborhood of 500 gallons of it. (No! It was not circus lemonade.) Yes, Dick is a good scout as were his assistants for I heard it noised around that they did not charge a cent for same.Two wrestling matches were held. One between Chas. Hanson of the freight department vs. Frog Kinney of the machine shop, Kinney being the victor two falls within 20 minutes. The other Young Miller, carpenter vs. Earl Nuzum, freight department which went 20 minutes without a fall.Three boxing bouts were held vs. Jimmie Connolly. 4 rounds to a draw,both at 130 pounds. Buck Fowler vs. Buck Shamrock, 6 rounds, weight 150 pounds.This was a very one sided affair and Shamrock was awarded a technical knockout in the fourth round.The final was a fast and furious four round affair which brought every one to their toes from the first gong. This was between Walt Peterson of the tin shop at 163 pounds, a boxer of no mean ability and Phil Weinert of the machine shop at 155 pounds, a novice who made his first appearance In the roped arena and to the public.The bell could hardly be heard for cheers. This was the best draw fought in any of the events of the day.A tug-of-war was the final event, machinists vs. boilermakers. The machinists being the victors by four inches and locomotive department vs. car shops, the locomotive department being the victors by three inches.A pig all full of grease was turned loose and you should have seen the boys slide off that pig's back but Rudie Reeder got his fingers on him, but could not hold him, so he sunk his teeth into him and held him fast. Rudy says he isn't through sinking his teeth into him either.The big stunt was the drawing of a Ford touring car. This event was pulled off in due time and Mr. G. M. Green, foreman of the machine shop held the lucky number. A number of other valuable prizes were also given on the same drawing.



Union Pacific Shop Bulletin p 5
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