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6 THE BULLETINThus the day was spent and the train brought all who were not there in autos (of which there were 250) safely back to the Union Pacific Station at Omaha.The grand success of the day speaks eloquent words of the splendid spirit of cooperation manifested. To the committees must be given special thanks for their services, not only on the day itself but for the efforts put forth weeks in advance preparing every detail, and these details were well taken care of, for not a single slip or mishap occurred the whole day and remember it was only a mere detail taking care of 2500 people.LAS VEGAS(J. H. Lightfoot, Correspondent)There will be a big time in Las Vegas on September 2 and 3 and the local Shop Employes Association is going to be the shining light. The business men of Las Vegas acting in harmony with the association have prepared an excellent Labor Day Celebration and excursions are contemplated from all points along the Union Pacific Line between San Bernardino and Mil-ford.There will be the big ball game for the $100 purse with Milford, Caliente, Los Angeles and Las Vegas in the contest. There will be tug of war, foot races and boxing and the wind up will be a street dance and carnival. It will be an event that will satisfy the shop men as well as the business men of Las Vegas. Everything is in the strickest harmony and success is assured. The ball games are attracting the greatest attention and the battle will be a hot one. On Sunday, September 2nd the following teams will play.Los Angeles vs. Milford. Las Vegas vs. Caliente.ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 3rd Las Vegas vs. Milford. Los Angeles vs. Caliente."Bob" Iler is the idol of the local shop men and Bob is there with a defy to any 138 pound boy in the employ of the Union Pacific. He has met all comers in his city and has come out with flying colors. Bob is employed in the shops as a machinist helper apprentice. Look him over.Master Jack Pembroke, mascot of the Union Pacific Ball Team is leaving for Los Angeles, soon to enter St. John's Military School. Jack is the grandson of Manager Lightfoot of the Baseball Team.The roof of the machine shop is about all on again. During a recent storm a part of the roofing was blown off.The local organization is getting bigger and bigger every day and the members are enthusiastic over everything being promoted.The Smokers held monthly are becoming very well attended by those who are affiliated with the craft or railroad. The last smoker was the best of all and was voted by everyone as an immense success. There was boxing, singing, dancing and recitations. The big bout on the third of June wasbetween "Bob" Iler the shop favorite and Harold Silk. There were six furious rounds with 6 oz. gloves and it went to a draw. Teddy Smith put Bob Dewigans away in three rounds. Both were 160 pound men.The rest of the program was great and called forth great applause.Guy Griffith, the president is a worker and he has a corps of boosters behind him.The Association has a very good ball team and it is getting better. The team has played three games—won two and lost one. On Decoration Day at Caliente, the boys were defeated by a score of 10-7 and on the 10th of June, they defeated Caliente at Las Vegas 13-12, but the score should have been 13-4, as the local pitcher who has been out of the game for quite a while lost control of the ball. A team from Needles refused to play the locals because of the fact that they were shop men. On August 19th, they again defeated Caliente 8-2 and the game was played in the rain.Las Vegas shops are becoming a thing of beauty. Fresh red paint is being applied to all the buildings and the large number of green trees about the shop and yard add to the attractiveness. Everything is being done to make 'it pleasant for the Union Pacific employes, and in all probability the shop gym will be moved from the inside of the grounds to one of the company parks near the depot. If such should be the case it will be a marked improvement and when fixed up as proposed will make a fine entertainment hall.Supt. of Machinery, Long, was a visitor to Las Vegas shops Thursday and it could be readily seen that he was satisfied with the way things are going. Come again, Mr. Long, you are always welcome.Work is being rushed on the big turntable. The iron has already arrived for the table and the excavating is about completed. The new table will be a big improvement over the old one.Our fellow workman, Joe Harbison, who tried a high dive from a big engine in the round house a few weeks ago is about on crutches. Joe says he is done with all kinds of stunts. That is right Joe, keep one foot on the ground.Las Vegas is going to have a big County Fair in October. It is safe to say that the Union Pacific will be well represented, especially in the line of sports.Mr. G. R. Wilcox, the new superintendent of shops is a great baseball fan and is behind the team to a finish He is also behind the Betting out of the power just as strong as he is a fan.Glen Woodburry is back to work after a three weeks lay off.Rulin Sorenson of the Union Pacific Shops got tired of living alone in Las Vegas, so he lit out for Provo and now there is a Mrs. Sorenson in Las Vegas.JUNCTION CITY(J. S. Davis, Correspondent)The weather during July and forepart of August has been extremely hot, but made a sudden change about the 17th, and has been quite pleasant since then.The ball club up to date hold the winning score for 15 games out of 19 played.For some time there was only one copy of the 1923 agreement and that being in Mr. Bougue's office where only a few would spare the time to glance within its covers. There was many a supposition chanced as to what it contained. On Thursday the 23rd, Mr. W. J. Kirsch, master mechanic, Mr. S. C. Nelson, his secretary, Mr. J. B. Sleightholm, care foreman at Armstrong and Mr. W. Lee from Armstrong came and met with the local officials, the Craft Committeemen, President and Secretary of the local lodge and in the most cooperative manner discussed the new agreement, helping the local representatives to fully understand and appreciate the working out in detail of every new part or change. This was done frankly and freely and when they left the meeting every man felt he had been benefited indeed, not only by the advantages gained in the new agreement but by the social and mutual relationship existing between the officials of the Union Pacific and the men working with them.The fourth Thursday of the month being our regular meeting night the above mentioned gentlemen also visited our lodge, enjoyed a good smoke, and spoke to a full house of the lodge members.We certainly enjoy having these men visit us and they know they are always welcome.The following men have been employed during the past month.Bert McGill returned to service— Junction City, Kansas.Karl Blaker, sheet metal worker— Junction City, Kansas.James Jordan, coach cleaner—Junction City, Kansas.G. H. Blankership, boilermaker— Topeka, Kansas.C H. Venso, boilermaker—Clovis, N. M.John Notz, boilermaker—Logansport, IndianaA. M. Neilson, boilermaker helper— returned to service—Junction City, Kansas.E. H. Bradbury, boilermaker helper —Minneapolis, Kansas.N. R. Lyman, boilermaker—Clovis, N. M.Miss Sarah Calkins has returned to work after a 30 day vacation.J. H. Comer and John Clark are again back to work after 30 days vacation.Already Trained.Dorinda—"Does your hubby expect you to obey him.?"Florinda—"Oh, no, dear. You see, he's been married before."



Union Pacific Shop Bulletin p 6
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