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THE BULLETIN7POCATELLO(Arch W. Stoddard, Correspondent)We are just about to enter into our second year of the agreement between Union Pacific System Lines and our Association and a very good year, the first one has been for the employes. Let us hope the next one will be still better, and I am quite sure it will be from the various changes made in the new Agreement.On the night of August 28th, Poca-tello Lodge No. 1 of the Shop Employes' Association will have instead of the regular meeting a "Get Acquainted" Social and good time. The following verses may give you a better idea of what it will be, as a copy of them are posted on the various bulletin boards throughout the shops.The Shop Employes' Association Party.The next regular meeting night of The S. E. A.,Will be changed to social, entertainment and play.Members are invited to bring their daughters, sweethearts and wives,We promise you the best time you've had in all your lives.All Foremen and Supervisors are cordially invited to attend,And bring along just any one that you can recommend.Every thing we have or do, will be FREE to see or take,All we ask is to have your ladies bring a cake.Come to the Commercial Hall on thestroke of eight, If you are not there by then ofcourse you will be late. If your head is a little thick andyou don't know what we mean, Just walk over to the air shack andask for Charley Bean.Now everybody try and come anddon't forget the day, But if you can't be there make upyour mind to stay away Tuesday, August 28th, come and letus all be merry, Oh Boys, have you got it all, byStoddard Secretary.I will be glad to tell you more about our good time in the next copy of the Shop Employes' Association Bulletin.Mr. Orvin M. Hale, boilermaker helper, has been at home sick for several days.Mr. Claud W. Ellsworth freight car carpenter has been at home sick for three and a half days, but is again able to do his shift on the rip track.Our past President Mr. Cliff Hooper is again visiting the emergency hospital, because he cut his foot, in the same old way with an axe while cutting wood. In the future be more careful Cliff.Mr. Fred Doutre blacksmith in the freight car department made a business trip to Logan, Utah. He was off thejob two days August 21st and 22nd. Fred reports his trip successful.Mr. Wm. Thurgood working in the coach shop has been at home sick for several days. We hope to see Bill back on the job soon.Mr. George Jernburg carman in the coach shop is the proud father of a fine baby boy born last week, he reports mother and baby doing nicely. This makes four grand children for Grandpa Jernburg.I am very sorry to announce the sad death of Mrs. W. M. Webster. She died August 24th, at about eight p. m. Mr. Webster works in the sheet metal department and is chairman of the committee of the sheet metal workers.Mr. Lucius Evans has been sick for the past week. He works in the boiler shop.The night fire chief, Mr. G. I. Slingerland left with his wife last night for Nevada, upon the receipt of news of the death of his brother Mr. Henry Slingerland, a mining man of Yerington, Nevada.Mr. Fred Courtney, has returned to work as stationary Fireman at the power house after a month visit in north eastern Oregon with his father and mother.Mr. Will J. Bryan, coach carpenter doing light repair work in the train yards, has his hand bandaged up because of a slight accident.The writer and his family will journey to Rexburg, Sunday, September 2nd to spend Sunday and Monday with his aged mother, who is not in the best of health.LA GRANDE(D. W. Beck, Correspondent)On August 18th, La Grande Lodge No. 2, Shop Employes' Association, gave a "get together and get acquainted" picnic at the City Park at Elgin, one of the small live towns on the Joseph branch line.Credit is due all commitees in charge of the various things in connection with the outing, and special credit given Mr. W. Bollons, superintendent and Mr. F. A. Leavitt master mechanic, for their cooperation in arranging train service to suit the occasion, also at the grounds in helping the crowd to get acquainted and their interest in and help with the program, especially the sports.Three extra cars were added to the regular branch line train and were set out at the depot.Immediately on arrival the crowd went to the park where the greater portion enjoyed the shade and rested until noon when groups assembled and partook of the good things that the baskets contained. Coffee, lemonade and ice cream were served by the Association and no complaints were heard as to quality or service.On account of a part of Umatilla's ball team being present and having to return on No. 23, the game was called for 1 o'clock.The Elgin team was to have played but for reasons not known to us, failed to appear but we packed a team from the crowd and had a game anyway. While not many grandstand plays were noticed it was a good game played by good fellows.The sports such as foot races for the boys, girls, misses, and men, also a nail driving contest for the ladies, and pie eating contest for the boys were all enjoyed and brought forth much merriment from the onlookers, and prizes for the winners. The prizes were all contributed by the business men and citizens of Elgin, and consisted of cash and articles from a 50 pound sack of flour to a pair of suspenders.Heres, three cheers and good ones for the citizens of Elgin.After the sports, dancing was enjoyed at a hall up town, and a special train was run out in the evening to bring in all those who had not driven over by auto .While the crowd was not as large as might have been, those who did attend made up in activities.Here's looking forward to another one next year, at which time we expect through persistent effort, cooperation and hard work, to have a permanent picnic ground on the main line west of La Grande for the second division.SALT LAKE CITY(Carl T. Holmquist, Correspondent)On July 19, Salt Lake Lodge No. 2, had their regular meeting in Moose Hall. A good attendance and the spirit of good fellowship prevailed.Mr. Charles Gustin was visiting the Lodge. His remarks and advice were well received.A Committee was appointed to see Doctor Pinkerton in regard to an emergency Hospital for Salt Lake Shops. The Committee reported that their conference with Doctor Pinkerton was very favorable and that he promised them we will have the same before the snow flies this year.The Committee also recommended to present Dr. Pinkerton with a token of esteem, or placing a fitting cornerstone or emblem on the hospital to his honor, as a man among men always loyal to the company, always giving the best of his service to any in need of it. His name will always be respected and honored by all employees of the Oregon Short Line.Ronald Runswick, patternmaker apprentice had the misfortune to lose his father Samuel K. Runswick. Mr. Runswick, was an engineer on the Short Line and met death in the service of the company when in the discharge of his duty.Sunday School Teacher—"Willie, what do you say at the table?" Willie—"Nothing."Sunday School Teacher—"What does your father say?"Willie—He says, "Go slow with the butter, kids, it's sixty cents a pound."



Union Pacific Shop Bulletin p 7
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