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THE BULLETINPROVO(George W. Olsen, Correspondent)Mr. E. H. Paepke, boilermaker foreman and wife were given a farewell reception and dance on July 28, Mr. Paepke, who has been promoted to boiler inspector with headquarters at Los Angeles was presented a fine gold watch and Mrs. Paepke a box of candy and a boquet of flowers in recognition of the respect for them by the employees at Provo. Mr. Paepke, has been in the Provo shops since 1917 and was well thought of by all the boys. We hope to see him occasionally in the course of his duty as locomotive boiler inspector on this road.The evening program was as follows: Song, Mrs. Frank Ramsey; presentation Mr. Dave Reese; remarks in behalf of himself and wife, Mr. E. H. Paepke. Short talk by Mr. E. J. Hall; Song by Mrs. Fraink Ramsey, duet, Mr. Geo. Wilson and Mr. C. Talboe. Dance and refreshments. Mr. Paepke and family will make their home in Los Angeles.Mr. C. A. Law of Las Vegas is here to take the place of Mr. Paepke as boiler foreman.The engine that pulled the late President Harding Special to Cedar City was ridden by Mr. Paepke.We've long expected it. The "Law" has come up from Las Vegas to take charge of the boilermakers. Seems as though the Salvation Army could not handle them alone.Well, well, Clarence has bought himself a new Jewett car. Wonder if the corn cob pipe is part of the equipment.We finally got the ball team out for their pictures but the photograhper would not risk the lense on all of them at once, so it was taken in two sections.Mr. C. M. Chester general foreman made a flying trip to Los Angeles and admits he was glad to get back to Provo. We feel the same way about it too.Ray Ashworth, general craft chairman for other employes is back from the convention and seems well pleased with what took place.Also Mr. John L. Von Posch, general chairman stopped over as he was going through to Los Angeles where he expects to remain for about ten days. We had the pleasure of hearing of the increase in wages of the shopmen and the reason for same, from him.It is surely gratifying to know and feel that you are practically a shareholder in the Union Pacific and to know that for every dollar we save in increased production and material saved we will receive our share in increased wages.I know, and all the boys know that they can do better, and can save time and material in hundreds of ways by just concentrating on that one idea and saying "I'll save this, it will help raise my wages next year." I find dozens of ways to save and even though only a few cents each day, the aggregate means an immense amount of money ina year's time. So let's all hit the ball and raise the amount next year.Wonder if Dave knows who the chief of-police is yet?Lodge No. 4 of Provo presented the Provo Shops with a fine flag which was lowered to half mast in token of President Harding's death. Mr. E. P. Mahoney, the oldest man in the service at this point raised the flag at the time of its presentation.A special meeting of Lodge No. 4 of Provo was held August 8th, at 8 p. m. in the Armory, at which Mr. Guy H. Griffith, vice-general chairman and Mr. R. R. Smith, representative of the general manager, were speakers. This followed by four fast boxing bouts.HeavyweightsGriffith Fat StrawLightweightWoods JohnsonMiddleweightsOlsen AshworthGordon McFaddenWe sure enjoyed the sport. Let's have some more of it, boys.It is with deepest regret and sorrow we learn of the death of the mother of H. Dyer, sheet metal worker. Lodge No. 4 sent flowers for the funeral and extend their heartfelt sympathy to Mr. Dyer.We almost had a ball game last night, but we can't find a team with sufficient courage to show up in force and try to take us on. The team's standing in the "Twilight League" of Provo is 100 per cent. In all the out of town games and practice games the percentage was about 666 per cent. With such fellows as Dyer, Farmer, Elliott, Walker and Boshard, who have all had State League tryouts, we are a pretty strong aggregation.Something going on around the general foreman's office lately and from the looks of the sign we must be going up hill—getting better all the time.Also see he has his private "graveyard" finished in front of the office, in fact two of them. Here's hoping he never has to use them.LAS VEGAS, NEVADAAugust 13, 1923. NOTICEThe Blacksmith Shop Foreman will award to the helper in the blacksmith shop four months from date (Dec. 13th 1923) a five dollar gold piece to the helper that keeps his respective place the cleanest and neatest. In case of a tie two dollars and a half will be awarded. The Shop Committee will be the judges.J. W. ILLER, Blacksmith Foreman.MILFORD(R. C. Lemon, Correspondent)Herewith a few items to help keep Milford on record in the Bulletin.On August 7th, a special meeting of Milford Lodge No. 3, was called to introduce Guy H. Griffith, vice general chairman of the Los Angeles-Salt Lake Unit of the Shop Employes' Association and Mr. R. R. Smith representing the management.Very interesting talks were givenOn Water Wagon, Coltonby both Mr. Smith and Mr. Griffith, explaining how the machinery of the association was set up and the various improvements that were made at the last convention which would have a tendency to speed up the adjustment of any complaint which an employee may have. This meeting was attended by about 65 per cent of the membership.The ball game played at Union Pacific Ball Park on Sunday, August 19th, between Lynndyl and Milford was one of the best games played at this park in several years and was witnessed by a very large crowd.This was a good game from start to finish at the end of the ninth ining the score was 3 to 3. Milford scored the winning run in the 10th ining. Battery for Lynndyl—Lindquist and Sudbury. Battery for Milford—Thiessen, Rasmussen and Morley.On August 17th, Machinist Carl Stromgren and blacksmith helper Bert Carter and family motored to Kent's Lake for a days fishing. They left Milford on the afternoon of August 16, camped in the canyon over night, getting up early in the morning and after a mountain climb in the brisk morning air arrived at Kent's Lake in about one and half hours. Carl who is an expert angler, reports that the fish were biting good but only succeeded in landing about 12.COLUMBUS(L. E. Whiting, Correspondent)Columbus Lodge No. 19, held its regular meeting August 13. We had 30 members present and a very good meeting.Our Blacksmith, Mr. Shriber, who had an operation for appendicitis several weeks ago was able to meet with us again and will be able to take up his work again soon.We all enjoy reading the newsy little Bulletin. This is our first attempt to send news. It is not very much but hope to do a little better next time from Columbus Lodge No. 19.



Union Pacific Shop Bulletin p 8
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