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cepted, not only on account of the great area— over 73 acres—nor the valuable veins exposed thereon, but also on account of the great activity on adjoining and neighboring claims, resulting in valuable discoveries extending into Gold-field Mascot territory.In addition to the foregoing advantages, it will always be the aim and policy of the directors to offer the development, or treasury, stock at a price that will net the company satisfactory results and, at the same time, command the attention of conservative investors.Furthermore, and as additional evidence of our ability to negotiate an enterprise like The Goldfield Mascot we would respectfully refer the reader to our records in connection with The January, Combination, Black Butte and other highly successful "grass root" flotations in the Goldfield district, which, in some instances did not promise as well in the start as The Goldfield Mascot.For the benefit of those having the time and inclination to study details we follow this introductory with much interesting data pertaining to The Goldfield Mascot's holdings and the surrounding country, but for the busy, yet careful, investors, we believe the foregoing representations of facts are sufficient to convince them that the enterprise offers an unusually favorable opportunity for the profitable investment of capital.HOLDINGSTHE PROPERTY owned by The Goldfield Mascot Mining Company consists of four claims—the Mascot, Creseus, Eugenia and Lady Roxburgh, which, after eleminating all prior rights of overlapping mines, embraces an area of over 73 acres, and contains over 6,000 linear feet of known veins, not to mention "blind" or unknown veins so prevalent in this district, where the "overburden" is heavy. These claims are situated on the wagon road about midway between the towns of Diamondfleld and




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