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Goldfield, in the immediate vicinity of the Mayflower, Hunchbelle and other well known groups of mines, and only from one to two and a half miles from every "bonanza" mine in the district. The surface indications on the above four claims are superior to the January's at the same stage of development (from which L. L. Patrick and associates afterward developed and extracted over $700,000 worth of ore) and under the systematic and vigorous campaign of work which they will receive, should soon render a splendid account of themselves.The accompanying claim map not only shows the relative position of The Goldfield Mascot Company's claims to the big mines (January, Combination, Jumbo, Florence, Tonopah Club, Sandstorm, Black Butte, Quartzite, Simmerone, Lone Star, St. Ives, Vernal, Velvet and others), but it also shows that they are within the radius of action of the "Goldfield volcano," which many eminent geologists claim was the direct cause of the vein formation in this particular area.OTHER ADVANTAGESASIDE FROM its known vein croppings, the ground owned by The Goldfield Mascot Company possesses much intrinsic value in being situated in the midst of active operations. As an illustration of the benefits often derived by neighboring claims under such circumstances we can cite the Black Butte, Quartzite, Simmerone and about every mine in the district, in which the extensions of their bonanza veins were traced and are now being worked by adjoining claim owners and, at the same time, without decreasing the value of the original discoveries. In the development of the Quartzite vein at Diamondfleld, in which the ore assays from $300 to $10,000 per ton, the rich ore shoot was found to also extend into the Black Butte ground, although there was no such indication on the surface of the Black Butte's holdings; nor would it have been known for a long time but4




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