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for the development of the Quartzite. Another conspicuous case in point is the Simmerone, in which the Lone Star and Potlatch—adjoining claims—have been much benefited.The exceptionally favorable location of our claims, their thorough mineralization and large area, compared with others who started under less favorable conditions, in which great success afterwards rewarded their efforts, warrants us in the belief that success with us is merely a question of development and competent management. MANAGEMENTTHE MANAGEMENT of our properties shall be under the direct supervision of the whole Forward Company's staff of expert miners and engineers. These men are not only familiar with every phase and turn of the mining business, but are thoroughly familiar with the local geological and mineralogical conditions of the Goldfield district. Mr. Lucien L. Patrick, president of both the Goldfield Mascot and The Forward Mining Development Company, now one of the wealthy miners of Goldfield, Nevada, is well and favorably known to the prominent mining men of Colorado, Nevada and other western states, as a miner of enterprise, good judgment and a careful manager, having been very successful, in Leadville and Aspen, Colorado; Koutenai, B. C., and the state of Washington, and now, at Gold-field, Nevada.Mr. L. L. Patrick is also vice-president and the largest individual stockholder in the Black Butte, which largely through his personal supervision, has been developed into one of the big mines of the camp.Mr. Patrick was the first to recognize the possibilities of the Goldfield district, going there when there was less than a dozen people in the camp. Now the population is about 15,000. It is estimated that at the present rate of daily arrivals the population will reach 35,000 by the end of 1907.5




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