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As to L. L. Patrick, any bank or banker in Tonopah or Goldfield, Nevada, or prominent mining man in Colorado, can be referred to.Mr. W. F. Patrick opened up, developed and sold to The American Smelting Company, the Aftermath mine at Ten-Mile, near Leadville, Colorado, realizing a profit of over $250,000 for himself and partners. A year or so later he was one of the first to strike sulphide lead ores at Leadville, when he took a bond and lease on the famous Colonel Sellers mine, and operated it till he sold it to the Smelting Company of New Jersey, paying out about $1,000,000 in dividends to the owners.In the Aftermath properly, less than $10,000 was spent in development and $250,000 realized. In the Colonel Sellers $23,000 was spent and $1,-000,000 paid in dividends to the owners.The company is especially fortunate in having on its board of directors successful mining men of large experience, and now actively engaged in the Goldfield district, where they have been eminently successful, and whose honesty and capability are unquestioned.CAPITAL AND TREASURY STOCKTHE GOLDFIELD Mascot Mining Company is capitalized for 1,000,000 shares, the par value of each share being $1.00, and it starts out with 499,000 shares—practically one-half of the capital stock—in the treasury, to be sold as required for development and the gen- eral betterment of its holdings. The stock shall be sold at an advanced price from time to time, as work progresses, or until the mines are established on a dividend-paying basis, when the treasury stock will be withdrawn from the market. The stock is fully paid and non-assessable, and carries no individual liability under the articles of incorporation.The Forward Mining Development Company, from whom the Goldfield Mascot Mining Company acquires title to the four claims men-6




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