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tioned, retains 501,000 shares of the capital stock in lieu of any profits in cash it might have received by parting with all of its interests. Viewing it from another standpoint, The Goldfield Mascot Mining Company has, from the start, the full financial and physical backing of the Forward Company, and the Forward Company, by giving its full support to the Goldfield Mascot Mining Company, enhances the value of its shares in proportion to the effort it makes to reach the dividend point with its Goldfield Mascot Mining Company's holdings.Under the foregoing plan of operating it is easy to see that our company enjoys a tremend-ous advantage over the average mining company, and that when it is considered in conjunction with the many other desirable features, success, to say the least, surely seems assured.Subscribers to stock may pay for the same either on the cash or installment plan. Installments can be made by paying ten per cent, with the order and the balance in six monthly payments. Receipts showing the amount paid shall be returned to subscribers, and when the last payment is made a paid-up certificate shall be forwarded to them.The company will exact no forfeiture of any moneys paid, so that when subscribers find that they are unable to maintain their monthly payments any longer, a certificate for the full amount paid will be sent them.In conclusion, let us say that it is no trouble for us to answer all honest inquiries, and that the same shall receive prompt and courteous attention at all times from the officers of either the Forward Company or the undersigned.THE GOLDFIELD MASCOT MINING COMPANY402, 403, 404, 405 Empire Building, DENVER, COLO.THE PATRICK INVESTMENT CO., Fiscal Agent.7




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