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scale. Yet with all these difficulties, hampered by prejudice and ignorance of its hidden resources, Nevada is now the cynosure of the eyes of the mining world and is destined to attract attention for some years to come, but, remarkable to say, as a producer of gold, which will for the future far exceed its output of silver in the past.IN CONCLUSIONTHE FOREGOING description of the Goldfield district, though necessarily incom-plete, has been written with the desire of conveying a true idea of the present condition and future great possibilities of this important mineral belt. Though only a little over three years old, it gives every promise of ultimately surpassing Virginia City and its famous Com-stock mines, with their record of production of over $400,000,000 in gold and silver, and, that its value, instead of being mixed, will be all GOLD. To the cautious investor we believe this field offers an exceptionally favorable opportunity, and that The Goldfield Mascot Mining Company's stock, at the present price, will prove a highly profitable investment. For further particulars, address,THE GOLDFIELD MASCOT MINING COMPANY402, 403, 404 and 405 Empire Building,DENVER, COLO.The following discussion of the mining situation at Goldfield, Nev., was written by Charles J. Moore, the well known engineer, formerly connected with the Portland mine at Cripple Creek, and now located in Southern Nevada. It, therefore, bears the weight of high authority and is sufficient evidence of the amazing record and great merit of Goldfield. It was prepared for the annual review edition of Ores and Metals, We are permitted to publish the same.9




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