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GOLDFIELD TODAYThis wonderful mining region is now attracting universal attention throughout the United States, and in spite of its great and continuous production of gold many are still asking "Where and what is it?"Much has already been written, both in magazines and newspapers, concerning the phenomenal discoveries in southern Nevada during the past five years, but it appears that the investing public requires many repetitions of the facts regarding any new mining field before becoming convinced of their truth.The following description of the geology and general characteristics of the veins and mines is a conservative statement of the facts made with as few technicalities as possible, so as to be easily understood by any reader.Goldfield begun in May, 1903, when the first locations were made upon the reefs or blackish outcropping ledges which occur so frequently in the district. It is located in Esmeralda County, Nevada, due east 264 miles from San Francisco, 120 miles from the celebrated Yosemite Valley, and forty-five miles east from the boundary line between the two states of Nevada and California.THREE RAILROADS SOONIt is 240 miles northerly from Los Angeles and 270 miles south of Reno, on the Southern Pacific railroad, directly connected by broad-gauge railroad being extended rapidly southward to connect with the San Pedro & Los Angeles railroad at Rhyolite, the principal town of the Bullfrog district, seventy-five miles south. As the extension is already completed for two-thirds this distance, and the character of the work over the desert is very light, this connection will be completed before the end of January, 1907.The Santa Fe railroad is pushing up from the south, and is known locally as the Tonopah and10




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