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ting of an immense merger combining the principal mines in one company—the Goldfield Consolidated Mines Company—with a capital of 5,000,000 shares at $10 par value.While this consolidation will probably quiet all litigation among the present main producing mines, the district is much too vast to enable any single company to absorb or acquire more than a small percentage of the ultimately productive territory and as developments progress there will be many other large companies and mergers formed additional to that now in progress.CYANIDE MILLSIn the Goldfield district there are stamp-amalgamation and cyanide mills and two sampling mills, and the Goldfield Consolidated Company is planning to erect another mill of 1,000 tons daily capacity. The Combination mill of twenty stamps treats seventy-five tons daily in amalgamation and cyanide, part oxide, part sulphide ores, and effects an average saving of 90 per cent. This will shortly be altered so as to reduce the entire pulp to a slime, in accordance with the most recent cyanide practice.The population of Goldfield is fully 15,000 and increasing every day. It is difficult to secure accommodations. There is no reason to doubt the statement of some of the best informed and close observers who expect a population of 35,-000 by the end of 1907.STOCK-SELLING COMPANIESThere are many incorporated mining companies advertising and selling stocks throughout the United States based on Goldfield locations, some of which are genuine legitimate mining ventures, and others mere "wild-cats" or "fakes." There is no larger proportion of the latter class here than in the early days of every active mining district in the West, and the prospective investor can easily inform himself as14




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