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sets of leasers are working in payable ore. From April to November, 1906, seven months, they produced 34,800 tons of dry ore, yielding $4,075,-920 gross value, or $3,135,426 net, after deducting transportation and treatment charges. Of this net amount the leasers received $2,429,957 and the company for royalties $705,070. The high-grade ore stored and in transit is estimated over $1,000,000 additional to the above. These leases expire in January, 1907, and it is estimated that their production additional to the figures above given will reach a total of $9,664,000 gross, of which $1,678,000 will be the total received by the company as royalty.FIGURES NEVER EQUALLEDThese figures are positively startling and have never been equalled in the first three years' history of any gold mining camp. The same ratio of increase shown in the last eight months, if continued for a few years, would surpass even the great Comstock bonanza, and the geological conditions indicate other great concentrations of values in other portions of the district as well as the constituency of the Combination, Mohawk, Jumbo, Red Top, January, Florence, etc.Hicks-Fairall, Denver. 16




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