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INTRODUCTORYY0UR attention is invited to the statements herein, in the hope that you are alert to take advantage of this opportunity to make a good and profitable investment. We shall herein set forthour plan as briefly as possible, and shall only state facts which are necessary to explain the scope and character of work.It has become a well-recognized fact that to insure success in any business enterprise, concerted action of individuals and combination of capital are essential requisites. Single individual effort no longer has the same opportunity as in the past.Purpose and Corporate Powers of CompanyThe purpose of this Company, primarily, is to take advantage of the numerous opportunities to acquire and develop mining properties, which, for various reasons, prospectors are unable to develop. Our method shall be to have a careful investigation made by our mining expert, of any such properties coming to our knowledge, and if, upon thorough investigation, our expert is satis-fied that the property promises good results, the Parent Company will then proceed to obtain control of it on the most favorable terms possible, either by lease and bond, or long-time option, and proceed to thoroughly prospect the same until satisfied that the property is either undesirable, or that it promises good results upon further development; in no case will the Parent Company permit the expenditure of over $500.00 in the investigation of any one property, and if, after reasonable investigation, the property is not reported on favorably by our expert, the same will be abandoned. But, should his report justify the purchase of any property, immediate steps will be taken to acquire absolute title thereto and a subsidiary company will at once be organized on such property.The Parent Company will undertake the financing of the subsidiary company, and afterwards exercise a general supervision over its affairs. A liberal allotment of stock in the subsidiary company will be sold for treasury purposes, at a price that will guarantee ample funds for all possible future requirements.To compensate the Parent Company for the costs of financing, organizing, examining and such preliminary exploratory work as may be necessary, previous to the acquisition of properties, they shall retain a controlling2




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