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interest in all subsidiary companies. Thus the maximum of gain is possible at the minimum of cost; and in no event need the capital stock of the Parent Company be seriously impaired.OrganizationThis Company is incorporated under the laws of Wyoming. Its charter is liberal and affords abundant latitude for the proper exploitation of any proposition that may receive the consideration of the Company.Board of TrusteesThe success of such an organization depends largely upon its management. It is a well-recognized fact that mining properly conducted yields larger dividends than any other legitimate investment, and that less money is lost proportionately in mining than in any other business.The men who constitute our Board of Trustees are such as have already achieved success, not only in mining, but in commercial and other business pursuits. We have men who are experts in their particular line, and each will give his personal and undivided efforts to the success of this enterprise.Capital StockThe capital stock of this Company is $500,000, divided into 500,000 shares of the par value of one dollar each, which is absolutely fully paid and non-assessable, with no individual liability to the stockholders.Treasury StockThe treasury stock consists of three-fifths of the entire capitalization. The proceeds to be used for the purpose of developing the Company's properties and defraying expenses of our mining experts in making examinations of the various propositions submitted; also cost of acquiring control of such properties, preliminary to their final acquisition by the Company.The first allotment of treasury stock offered will be 100,000 shares.Properties and Interests Owned by the Forward Company210,000 shares Joshua Man, Mayflower and Gold Buttonstock. 500,005 shares (the control) Goldfield Mascot Mining Co. 500,005 shares (the control) Red Fox Bullfrog Mining Co.6,155 shares Bullfrog Water, Light & Power Co.7,000 shares Yankee Girl Gold Mining Co.In addition to these valuable holdings, the Forward Company also holds options on several properties in Goldfield, Bullfrog, and the new camp of Manhattan, which are now being investigated by its engineers, and which, if found desirable, will be acquired by the Company.3




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