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In a recent number of the Colorado Springs "Mining Investor" the following article appeared, which, in view of the ultra-conservative record of that journal, and the fact that it contains a quite comprehensive and full expose of our plans and progress, we commend it to the careful attention of every reader:"To the moderate investor wishing to employ his or her limited capital in a productive enterprise, the basic principles of the Forward Mining Development Company should command immediate attention. Operating on the fundamental plan that results from combinations of capital are more productive than individual efforts, and that a cumulative-mutual system is as practicable in mining as in insurance, this company, though only of recent formation, has already demonstrated the solidity and success of the principles upon which it is founded."The Forward Company is a parent or holding company, and under its corporate and general plan of operating, practically makes all of its stockholders promoters—participating in all promoters' profits—and at no additional cost to their individual holdings. Under its plan it is possible, and quite probable, for it to be drawing dividends from a dozen or more subsidiary companies over which it will exercise control; not to mention other collateral and auxiliary sources of revenue not enjoyed by the ordinary mining company—which adds immensely to the earning power of its capital stock—and makes its holdings exceptionally desirable as investments."Another great advantage under the Forward's plan, is the fact that no considerable amount of money need be involved at any one time, for as soon as a subsidiary company is established on a sound paying basis, it will pay back to the Forward Company all the money it has advanced in the development of the subsidiary company; thus drawing and adding strength to and from each other, without impairing the capital stock of either."The Forward Company doesn't claim anything new or novel in their plan, as it has been in successful operation for many years by the Calumet & Arizona, Calumet & Pittsburg, the Development & Investment Company of St. Louis, the London Exploration Company and other world-famous companies which have made, and are making, millions of dollars for their stockholders. Shares in these companies at their inception could have been purchased for cents, whereas now they command dollars."The Forward Company has recently taken over eight claims—the Mascot, Eugenia, Creseus and Lady Roxburgh, situated in the midst of great activity in Goldfield, and the Red Fox group of four claims in the Bullfrog district—on which they have organized the Goldfield Mascot Mining Company, and the Red Fox Bullfrog Mining Company. These claims were purchased by the Forward Company after a thorough and exhaustive investigation by their engineers; who are unanimous in the opinion that they will develop into good mines. The Forward Company retains control OF the Mascot and Red Fox Companies, and, as a natural consequence, their future affairs will be under the management of the splendidly equipped field and executive staff of the Forward Company. This "Community of Interests" in itself, would be regarded as a valuable asset by any company; for if only a small measure of the success achieved by the Forward officers in the Combination, January and Black Butte mines follow them into the Mascot and Red Fox, their stocks will soon command a handsome premium.4




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