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"The principle executive officers of the Forward, Red Fox and Mascot Companies, Messrs. L. L., W. F., and J. M. Patrick, have been more than successful in all of their undertakings in the mining west for years—particularly at Goldfield—and, as the word FAILURE is not in their lexicon, it is easy to forecast success in anything they undertake."The low, yet ample, capitalization, with large treasury reserve of both of the above companies, are also features greatly in their favor and will interest many investors who object to "top heavy'' capitalization. The Forward Company is capitalized for 500,000 shares, with 300,000 in the treasury, and the Mascot and Red Fox are capitalized at 1,000,000 shares with 499,995 shares in the treasury; the par value of these stocks is $1.00 per share."In addition to its Mascot and other valuable interests in Goldfield, The Forward Company is also aLARGE STOCKHOLDER IN THE JOSHUA Man, GOLD BUTTONand Mayflower Companies, now being vigorously developed by the successful "Vindicator Crowd" of Cripple Creek, and which embraces in their holdings over 400 acres in the very heart of the Goldfield district."Regarding the financial, physical and other conditions surrounding the Joshua Man, Gold Button and Mayflower Companies, we would say, that in addition to having a large and ample reserve fund, they are under the control and management of the same people who own and control the Vindicator mine in Cripple Creek, Colo., which has paid to date over $1,225,000 in dividends to stockholders.The Red Fox Bullfrog Mining Co.Like the Mascot Company, the Red Fox Bullfrog Mining Company is a "subsidiary" of the Forward Company, and will enjoy, as the Mascot Company does, the almost priceless advantages that go with being attached to a concern of such large potential resources and "push."The property owned by the Red Fox Bullfrog Mining Company consists of three full claims—the "Red Fox," "Parker and Davis" and "Speculator," embracing over 60 acres, and the "Speculator Fraction," of about 10 acres; making a total area of about 70 acres. Over 4,500 feet of strongly mineralized veins have already been exposed within this area, and it is the confident opinion of the Forward Company's engineers that the main veins and "feeders" of the rich Denver, Tramp, Great Eastern, Golden Scepter and other Bonanza mines, situated south and a little east of the Red Fox, extend through its ground. These claims are situated on the north end of Bonanza Mountain, in direct line with the general trend of all the leading veins of this mountain. A remarkable feature connected with the veins on or near Bonanza Mountain is that every one of them has developed into Bonanza mines under what would be considered in other districts as only "gopher work." What this mountain will produce under competent and vigorous development it is hard to conjecture. The Denver, Peerless, Tramp, Great Eastern, Equitable, Hobo, Twiller, Golden Sceptre —in fact about every claim on or near the mountain— have shipping ore and are valued already at fabulous figures.5




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