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Ten Mile, near Leadville, Colorado, realizing a profit of over $250,000 for himself and partners. A year or so later he was one of the first to strike sulphide lead ore at Leadville, when he took a bond and lease on the famous Colonel Sellers mines, and operated it till he sold it to the Smelting Company of New Jersey, paying out about $1,000,000 in dividends to the owners."On the Aftermath property, less than $10,000 was spent in development and $250,000 realized. In the Colonel Sellers, $23,000 was spent and $1,000,000 was paid in dividends to the owners.Mr. J. M. Patrick, the Denver managing director of the Forward, Mascot and Red Fox Companies, was connected with many large and successful financial undertakings in Colorado previous to the organization of the above Companies and, as office manager, adds much strength to what is conceded to be an exceptionally strong combination."Briefly summarized, it would seem if there is anything in 'nothing succeeds like success,' and 'a nimble nickel is better than a slow dollar,' that one could not make a mistake in being associated with the Patrick Brothers in any of their mining or kindred undertakings."—Mining Investor, Colorado Springs.Letters from the following well-known mining men, endorsing Mr. William F. Patrick, of Denver, Colorado, now of Goldfield, Nevada, are on file in our office, and copies of same will be furnished on application:David H. Moffat, President of The First National Bank, Denver, Colorado.Samuel NewhousE, Capitalist and Mine Owner, Denver, Colorado.John F. Campion, Capitalist and Mine Owner, Denver, Colorado.Eben Smith, Capitalist and Mine Owner, Denver, Colorado.Ex-Governor James B. Grant, Chairman of Directors, American Smelting & Refining Co., Denver, Colorado.John S. Carey, Mine and Smelter Supply Company, Denver, Colorado.Hon. Chas. S. Thomas, ex-Governor of Colorado.Robert S. Cory, Allis Chalmers Supply Co., Denver, Colorado.Chas. T. Limberg, President of The American National Bank, Leadville, Colorado.These letters recommend Mr. W. F. Patrick to the public as a mining engineer of high standing, with long and successful practical experience, technical knowledge, integrity and correct habits.Our FacilitiesThe success of this Company is assured by having among its members and on its Board of Trustees well-known mining men of high standing, who have been for years actively engaged in mining in the various districts throughout this country and abroad, and from their long experience in this line of work they have become familiar with the different mining districts, and have extended acquaintance with prospectors and mining men, from7




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