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whom they are constantly receiving mining propositions —prospects and partially developed properties.Such an organization as this has a great advantage over the usual mining company that is organized to exploit a single group of claims, as our purpose will be not to confine our effort to any one locality or single proposition, but to investigate and take advantage of any good propositions offered, and to invest only a small proportion of our capital in any one enterprise.The Company PromisesFirst—To exercise the rights and powers of the corporation for the benefit of all its members.Second—To operate in mines on a strictly commercial and businesslike basis.Third—To occupy a position where mining properties and propositions of a kindred nature will be brought to this Company for the purpose of promoting, working or purchasing the same,Fourth—To have and to keep, combined in one company, experienced mine managers and mining experts and engineers, and energetic, successful promoters, all bound by mutual interests and constantly striving to advance the Company's welfare.Railroad Facilities of NevadaFollowing quickly upon the development of these later mining districts of Nevada, which have within two years outstripped the great records of the early silver producers, the railroads are being extended into the new camps, and before the end of the present year all of these great mining centers will be connected by rail with the outside world, and the products of these bonanza mines, and the vast amount of machinery, food-stuffs and general merchandise required, will provide an immense tonnage.At present the Southern Pacific crosses the northern part of the state, and at Hazen the Nevada & Colorado extends into Tonopah and Goldfield, and will be carried southward to Bullfrog, Rhyolite, Beatty, and other camps in that district.From the south two lines are being built into the Bullfrog District.From Las Vegas, a point on the San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad (Senator Clark's road) a branch called the Las Vegas & Tonopah is being built northward into the Bullfrog District, and before the year is ended will reach Tonopah.The "Borax Smith" road, starting from Ludlow, a station on the Santa Fe in California, and in the vicinity of the great borax works, is also going northward into the Bullfrog District.It will thus be seen that ample railroad facilities will be provided for the Nevada mining districts.8




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