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Mining InvestmentsA demand always exists for a class of investments which will promise a fair and reasonably safe return upon the money invested. Nobody wants to leave his or her money in a bank or storage vault if they can put it where it will yield a revenue. Eastern stocks of undoubted merit have ranged at such high prices as to yield only a small interest, while stocks have shrunk so disastrously that it has resulted in a renewed interest in Western mines, where risks have been reduced to a min-imum, and the returns frequent and many times greater than that obtained from other investments. The system of paying dividends monthly and quarterly, so much in vogue in mining, and the declaring of extra dividends, greatly increases the earning power of investments.Careful investigation shows that there has been immeasurably less loss from capital judiciously invested in mines, and far greater profits, than have been realized from any commercial or manufacturing pursuits.The following article appeared in a recent issue of the "Philadelphia Press":"The most encouraging feature in the mining situation is the new stand the business world is taking in regard to the mining industry. Not more than a decade ago mining was frowned upon as a gamble by conservative men in the East. Improved methods in the industrial as well as the financial end of mining have worked a change in this respect. The mining industry is no longer described as speculative. Men who formerly shuddered at the mention of a mine are now scrambling for shares in going properties and taking chances in undeveloped prospects. Large banking houses are underwriting the stocks of mining companies, and the public in general is beginning to appreciate the important relations of our mineral wealth to our national prosperity and advancement. Scarcely a day passes in this inventive and scientific age without the application of some new method of extorting wealth from the rockbound matrix of nature. The cyanide process of gold extraction, for instance, has been worth countless millions to the West. It has rendered profitable immense bodies of ore that was practically worthless before its advent. All the conditions of mining favor increasing outputs of the precious metals, which constitute the real wealth of the country, and mining, in short, has proved itself the most legitimate of industries.""The National Banker" says:"The unparalleled prosperity of the mining industry at the present time has caused widespread public attention. Fortunes are being obtained by following mining and by investing in mining stocks, and the shrewd business men of today are realizing this fact and profiting by it, as in no other period of history. There is an element of hazard in every business, but not as great a risk in mining as has been imagined in the past. Mining has been reduced to a business. Improved machinery, scientific knowledge and business management place mining on as safe a plan of operation as that of any business requiring all these elements. Millionaires and multimillionaires are made in this marvelous industry."The New York " Tribune," of April 26, 1903, says: " There is a general, but mistaken, impression that the tremendous increase in the world's annual gold out-9




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