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tinue to do so until $100,000 is so placed, after which it is probable that the dividends will be increased. As these dividends are being paid on shipping ore only, and with no special effort at production, it can readily be seen that when the new mill begins grinding out bullion, a dividend of 50 per cent. monthly is not improbable."From a still more recent number of the Denver "Mining Record," we clip the following item:"combination's production."By a combination of mining and milling operations the management of that very productive property, the Combination mine, is laying up a substantial amount of easy money each week for the stockholders, and besides paying regular dividends is adding constantly to the treasury reserve. Last week, better than 200 tons of ore having an average grade of $50 per ton were treated at the company's mill, and the total monthly production at this time is about 1,000 tons, of a valuation in excess of $50,000. The entire output is maintained from development, and large ore reserves are being blocked out for future treatment."Every pound of ore mined is being treated at the mill at the mine, and the plant is meeting every test successfully. There has been no time since pay ore was first opened when the property has ceased production, and the values obtained in new ground being opened up, together with the high-grade bodies now showing, insures a constant and increased production for many years to come."From a recent number of the "Goldfield News" we also extract the following:"The Combination was the first mine in the Goldfield District to ship ore, and though it cost its present owners practically but $5,000, has produced to date $1,500,000 worth of ore. It is the best-equipped property in camp, having its own modern 20-stamp mill, which saves above 90 per cent. of the values in the ore by crushing, amalgamating, concentrating, and cyaniding."When it is remembered that the Combination is only one of seventeen shipping mines in the Goldfield District; that the camp is actually only a little over two years old; and that we promoted the Combination, January, Black Butte and other leaders in the district, it is easy to see why Goldfield is attracting the attention of the investing world and why we, with our equipment, knowledge, experience and foothold already gained, should succeed in any new undertakings.When we promoted the above Companies our means at hand were limited to our individual resources, but the added capital which the treasury of the Forward Company will make available, still greater results should be achieved.To those seeking employment for their money in a creative capacity, and in corporations whose destinies are guided by men of sound judgment, courage, honest and successful records, we believe the Forward, Mascot, Red Fox and collateral concerns offer exceptional opportunities.Quoting from a prominent eastern financial publication, we would say:11




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