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Forward Mining Development Company Prospectus page 12

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"Put your money into productive or creative enterprises—enterprises which have their future before them—not behind them. Link your fortunes with men of judgment—with men of creative and executive ability— with men of honesty. If they possess these qualities they will exercise them just as surely along their natural lines as rivers flow through their natural channels. Every fibre of their being urges them to build up. Their slogan is ''I WILL." With such men you are safe. They are living exponents of the "square deal." Character and judgment comprise a foundation upon which you can rely as surely as you can rely upon the hardness of the diamond or the resiliency of steel. They will carry their projects forward to success, and it, by the same token, will carry you forward to fortune." Statements will be issued from time to time, setting forth the condition and progress of the Company's affairs. In the meantime all inquiries will receive prompt and courteous attention from the officers of the Company. Address all communications toTHE FORWARD MINING DEVELOPMENT CO.19 Toltec BlockDENVER COLO.




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