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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, Mar. 20, 1908, page 2

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benefit from it. In regard to the oil in Nevada it don't anount to much. That was mostly B.S. and a scheme to sell some stock or get a rush started to that part of the country. I guess I am through at the mines for awhile. We finished bailing the water out of the Ledge yesterday and I went down with the Supt. and got the bucket I lost the other day. Now you don't understand a shaft or you would not be so scared about it. That is a new shaft and had big heavy timbers clear to the bottom so that it would be impossible for it to cave in. There is no more danger in going up or down a shaft than there is in riding in an elevator. We have plenty of kindling to start our fire and I nearly always help it out with a little 50 cent a gallon coal oil. At must have been having a pipe dream about me. I guess it has been about 10 month since him or May wrote to me. I have never had a letter from Jeff since he left but he wrote a few letters to Hurry . I don't know whether hehas even wrote Hurry for quite a while or not. I got a letter from Lawrence Prigg several days ago but I have not had time to answer it yet. Guess there will be nothing doing on my claim in the way of selling it. I saw the party today but he didn't seem to be vary anxious so I guess he has passed it up. Don't think he had the money to buy it anyway. Heber is in Los Angeles . I was told yesterday that he was coming back to Goldfield but do not know whether he intends to open an office or not. He has an office with his brother in Los Angeles. There is nothing doing down there. Taylor is here in Goldfield . He is driving an express wagon and averages about six bits a day. He don't know where he is going to get off at either. I went over home with him the other evening for



C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, Mar. 20, 1908, page 2
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