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C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, Nov. 28, 1907, page 6

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to come home. Now it would cost me about 70.00 for car fare to come home & I would have to sell some of my stock at practically nothing. Mohawk Ledge is selling it at 1/2 cent per share now and I can't sell at the. Just think only 5.00 per 1000 shares and I paid 220.00 [each?] for 2000 shares of it. How is that for price. I think it will be worth more when times get a little better. My watch is keeping time near enough that I will not send it back. It will do me until I get home. [T?]hat Kline was not from Muncie that I know of. You fellows collect the Oil Divident & keep it. I think it is 10 or 20 shares that I have. I don't remember which. I got 40 cents in the dividends the other time. I have never received the [count?] suppose it is lost. Expect you are wondering where I got these letter heads. Last winer I was going to act as agent for the Co but gave it up as the Commissions were too small. I had quite a bunch of their stationery & decided to use it. Gee I have got a premium coming due soon that I will have to dig up. Well I have wrote everything I can think of so will quit for this time. Hope you are all well. We are all fine here. Good Bye, Earle



C. A. Earle Rinker letter to his mother, Nov. 28, 1907, page 6
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