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C. M. Hoffman telegram to W. H. Comstock, September 25, 1922

(COPY) Las Vegas, September 25, 1922. W.H. Comstock, N.A. Williams, Los Angeles. Roundhouse Foreman Andrews returned from Los Angeles train 4 this a.m. with his wife. Has been absent five days resting up after taking wife home and returning to shop. Gang of men, 30 or 40, understand led by Pipefitter Mosler, rotten egged him on street. Foreman Pickles, temporarily transtered from Los Angeles, had wife here and Saturday night while she was sitting in front of Nevada Hotel, 3 women came up and insulted her and continued their abuse. I understand Sheriff Gay was standing opposite corner and took no action. We can hardly hope to build up organization at this point if these conditions ere allowed exist. Trying to obtain more particulars and will advise you fully tomorrow. B-l02. C.M. HOFFMAN. (Translation) [handwritten:] W.H.C. Showed this to Mr. McNamee & he is making investigation for the purpose of prosecuting under injunction. 9/27/22
C. M. Hoffman telegram to W. H. Comstock, September 25, 1922
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Telegram details a Las Vegas Foreman who was egged and another Foreman's wife who was verbally attacked in the streets.
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