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N.A. Williams letter to E.E. Calvin, October 24, 1922, page 1

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PERSONAL. At Salt Lake - October 24, 1922. Mr. E. E. Calvin: With reference to your letter of October 17th , received at Salt Lake today, quoting Mr. Gray concerning the Packard and Lincoln automobiles purchased for the State police at Las Vegas: Nothing was said to me concerning the purchase of these cars, and as I understood, it the matter was handled by Messrs. Halstead and Comstock. I do know, however, that conditions at Las Yegas at that time were critical indeed and it is my opinion they were thoroughly justified in going to any reasonable extreme in complying with the request of Governor Boyle and his State Police Inspector, Mr. Rennier. After the Packard machine was purchased at the price I understand of approximately $2200.00 request was made for an additional car, it being the intention of the Governor to transport radicals over the State line and also use the car in connection with State police work between Las Vegas and Carson City. Am also of the opinion that all of the expense was fully warranted, as we would have been unable to operate trains without the assistance of the State police. Their presence in Las Vegas had the affect of preventing raids on shops and other acts of violence.



N.A. Williams letter to E.E. Calvin, October 24, 1922, page 1
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