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The "picked samples" are NOT to be taken as a fair example of what our properties should produce. We have no desire to misrepresent the matter. Our properties are so good that we don't have to misrepresent anything about them.The above values were actually taken from our vein—from our Glory Hole. They MEAN SOMETHING. They give us an indication of what we may expect at depth!Now, let me explain something right here: The BIG VALUES of a mine are generally found as depth is obtained, and this is equally true of the extent of the ore bodies. The surface showings did not come from above— they came from BELOW. That makes the ORIGINAL GILBERT PROPERTIES all the more STARTLING AND OUTSTANDING.The big values are found at depth—a few hundred feet is usually sufficient to hit the "big stuff." That's where MOHAWK got their 47 tons which ran over Half a Million Dollars.Here's the way I have it "doped out," and the boys who know our properties concur with me:That the big vein outcropping on the surface of our claims of 91 acres and running for twelve hundred feet throughout our property—is indicative of a huge orebody UNDERNEATH—that it is a veritable KNIFE-BLADE OF POTENTIAL FORTUNE—dropping no telling how deep into the earth and disclosing ore bodies of ever-increasing value, as depth is attained!To this end we are working as hard and as fast as we can!We ARE AFTER that orebody of Comstock proportions and of Mohawk richness!An orebody, wherein one or two shipments means a Fortune!An orebody in such quantity as to make possible REGULAR SHIPMENTS on a big scale!With our relatively small capitalization of only $150,000, need I go into detail as to what dividends we would really be able to pay!Need I go into detail as to the heights to which the stock would skyrocket!The enclosed folder tells the complete story to date, with actual photos of our properties, equipment and men.It shows you in what excellent condition we are TODAY. It brings to you a message, every word of which breathes OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU!As previously stated, I AM NO PROMOTER. With THIS OFFER I am simply making you a business proposition.I need YOUR money to assist me in carrying forward the development work at the mine. We have a property strategically located in a new gold camp of immense potentialities—a property which we believe can be made to return PROFITS OF GIGANTIC PROPORTIONS!I am offering you the opportunity NOW—right now—to join with us—to share in these vast profits which I believe are only a short distance away from where our power drills are driving steadily ahead!This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY!I believe that by taking it you will be placing yourself in a position to receive a profit that should run into the THOUSANDS OF PER CENT!Will you take it? Sincerely yours,THE ORIGINAL GILBERT MINES COMPANY,President and General ManagerN.B.—Come out to Tonopah and see us—SEE OUR PROPERTIES FOR YOURSELF. If you find conditions different than we represent, we will cheerfully refund YOUR FARE BOTH WAYS!!



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