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Gilbert, Nevada, Looks Better Today Than Ever BeforeBODIES OF IMMENSELY RICH ORE ARE BEING BLOCKED OUT AT DEPTH,FAR GREATER BOOM THAN ANY HERETOFORE EXPERIENCEDSHOULD RESULT, AS LATE DEVELOPMENTS AT CAMPINDICATE QUANTITY SHIPMENTS FROMALL SIDES.We have reiterated time and time again that MINES ARE MADE AND NOT FOUND. This is a true statement and one which every hard-rock miner knows to be a fact.It takes time, perseverance and CASH to make a mine. A mine cannot be made in a day, a week, a month, or several months, and this is WHY the weaker element of new camp BOOMERS—leave, when the first excitement abates and from then on out—it is up to the men with grit, nerve, energy and the "never-say-die" spirit—to forge ahead in the face of trials and adversities —and prove up the camp one way or another from an ore production and shipping standpoint.The identical condition which we have experienced here at Gilbert, was experienced twenty years ago at Goldfield. Take the Mohawk, AS AN EXAMPLE AND A TRIBUTE TO THE FORTITUDE OF REAL RED-BLOODED OPERATORS.For months and months Mohawk continued its development program, with an extensive series of shafts, crosscuts and laterals. $4.00 ore was about the best grade encountered.Did the Mohawk boys throw up the sponge and quit? NO! They believed in their properties and were convinced in their own minds that ultimately THEY WOULD MAKE A MINE!They DID! With work progressing, just as it is TODAY with ORIGINAL GILBERT—the MOHAWK encountered a pay streak of Bonanza Ore that shot their stock from an inactive 10c market—UP—ON UP—to around $20.00. One single carload is said to have returned approximately $576,000.00.TODAY AT GILBERT—the camp is on the threshold of another BOOM. A PRODUCTION BOOM! Not a manipulation—but a boom with a concrete basis. A BOOM— not of inflated stock quotations—but a BOOM which will cause NEW HIGH MARKETS backed by REGULAR SHIPMENTS OF ORE WHICH SHOULD SPELL PHENOMENAL PROFITS for those with the foresight to climb aboard NOW—ON THE EVE OF QUANTITY PRODUCTION.ORIGINAL GILBERT'S YEAR OF DEVELOPMENT HAS NOT BEEN IN VAIN. We expect to be in the vanguard of those "survival of the fittest" companies which make startling profits for shareholders.We will probably make the first of our "high grade" shipments before we have time to write to you again.ORIGINAL GILBERT MINES CO.



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