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s Original Gilbert Mines Companydrawer ff Tonopah NevadaFrom W. F. "Bill" Gray,TO YOU—AN INVESTOR Eager to share the Mighty Profits which Nevada MinesProduce for those with Vision.Dear Friend:For thirty years I have been in the mining business.I KNOW MINING!I know a Mine when I see it!I was at Goldfield when the Combination made MINING HISTORY with a $15,000,000 production record—When January Jones and Associates took $635,000 out of the January Claims in around 12 months' time—When the Bowes-Kernick produced $600,000—the Ridge-Curtis lease, $145,000—the Mermilyea, $600,000 —the Zinn, $400,000—When the Clermont Jumbo produced over $19,000,000—the Florence, $650,000—the Riley, $475,000—the Little Florence, $1,500,000—the Rodgers, $600,000—the Engineers, over a million—the Red Top, $8,000,000—When the Mohawk cut loose and startled the entire civilized world by showing with what suddenness a Nevada Mine can rise from obscurity to fame in a few days' time and return its stockholders truly staggering profits.The Mohawk was being opened with two shafts. These had been put down to a depth of around 200 feet, and yet the assays showed only a $4 ore. Things were a little quiet. The pessimists were howling. But the Mohawk boys KEPT RIGHT ON!They struck a Great Treasure Trove. They shipped one carload of ore which holds the record—47 tons which returned approximately $576,000.00.I was there—at Goldfield—during all the hectic scenes and excitement which accompanied the wresting of such vast Fortunes from the surrounding hills.I KNOW THE CAMP AS WELL AS YOU KNOW THE INSIDE OF YOUR OWN HOME.And, I want to tell YOU that in my opinion and in the opinion of other oldtime mining men who know— GILBERT is another comer which seems destined to go down in the annals of mining history as another prolific GOLD PRODUCER!And I want to tell you further:I believe that within a comparatively short time, Original Gilbert should prove as great aSensational-Producer and Fortune-Maker as the MOHAWK!When you remember that the Mohawk market jumped from 10c to $20—making a phenomenal profit for its shareholders—you can better realize and understand just what tremendous import this statement has for you.And—when you recall that I have been a MINE MAKER for thirty-odd years—have had extensive experience in the development of some mighty big properties—you will realize that this statement comes from no amateur —no promoter—But—from a real old-time prospector and mine-maker—who after the expenditure of a great deal of money and time—has the very best reasons in the world—ACTUAL RESULTS—upon which to base his deductions and predictions.



Gilbert Mines Company Prospectus
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Lisa2009-10-05 @ 09:59 PM
Very interesting and fun to read! Not very much information on the Gilbert Mine, from what I have found, so this "article" was especially helpful. Great writing .... thank you .

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