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Oct. 13 1921 Oct. 21 Nov. 10 Dec. 8 Jan. 12 1922Mrs. Simondi [?] Mrs. N.P. Theo Mrs. Addie Rickerson [i.e., Richardson] PMrs. Blanch Sprague P P PMrs. Pauline Mills P P P P PMrs. Ben Gill P Mrs. Victor Ricketts P P PMrs. Mabel Kendall P P P P PMrs. Gaylord Hillebert P P P PMrs. [Ariter ?] Barnes P P PMrs. W.F. McNair P P P P PMrs. E. D. Foster PMrs. C. H. Roberson PMrs. Ira Mudrock PMrs. Ben Barlow P" Anna Shafer P" Mary ErnestJanuary 19 - 1907The Shakespeare Section, of the Literary Department, of the Woman's Club of Goldfield, met to organize at the residence of the leader, Mrs. Lockhart on Jan. 19, 1907.Eleven members responded to the call. The meeting was called to order at 2.30 o'clock, the leader in the chair. The chair announced the first business was the election of a Secretary.Mrs. Little was elected.Motion Resolved: that the members of the Shakespeare Section, of the Woman's Club, be assessed a fifty cents each month to provide funds for current expenses. A motion was then made by Mrs. Codd seconded by Miss Pyne, that the Shakespeare section of the Woman's Club be limited to twenty-five members. Carried.The day of meeting was next in order, and a motion was made by Mrs. Sprague seconded by Miss Payne. Resolved.



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