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that the Shakespeare section meet Monday of each week at 2-30 o'clock, at the residence of the members. Carried.The chair suggested the wisdom of appointing, for each play, a critic, and asked the wish of the members in regard to it. It meeting the hearty approval of those present, she appointed Mrs. Withers, as critic for the first play.It was then decided that each member should respond to roll call, with a quotation taken from the play we were studying that week. This was decided unanimously by the members present, no motion being made.In the same way it was decided to discuss for ten minutes, after each reading the character and historical points of interest in each play.It was suggested that the meeting of the section following the final reading of a play be in the nature of a socialmeeting, including a program, made out by the chairman.The section decided to read for its first play, the Merchant of Venice and the Secretary was instructed to send for one dozen volumes of the school edition carried by Smith Bros. Oakland Cal. (13th St.) Mrs. Codd kindly volunteered to do this. The section then adjourned to meet Jan. 28th.January, 28th 1907The Shakespeare section met at the residence of Mrs. Lockhart, on Monday Jan. 28th. Fifteen members responding to the roll call with quotations from the Merchant of Venice.A short discussion followed as to the necessity of the Shakespeare members belonging to the Woman's Club.The first act of the Merchant of Venice was



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