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1919Dec. 11. A regular meeting of the Goldfield Woman's Club Thursday afternoon Dec. 11. Owing to the small attendance very little business was transacted.A Health bond, brought in by Mrs. Elizabeth Moon was purchased by the Club. Mrs. Roberson read a letter from the National Child Labor Com. and the Club authorized her to send $5 to same.The treasurer gave her report as follows $1.80 in the Charity fund and $31.35 in General. Disbursements $5.10 leaving a total of $29.85. The meeting was closed in due form.Nellie V. TowleySec. pro tem1920A special meeting was called by the Pres. Mrs. Earnest Feb. 5, 1920. The object being to attend to paying the insurance on Club house for the coming year. After discussion the matter pro and con it was decided to reduce the amount from $1,000 to $350.00 which would amount to $14.00 per year. In order to raise funds the club decided to give a card party Mrs. Wilbur being made a chairman of same. The price of tickets to be 50 cents. A motion was made and carried that the constitution and by laws be amended to suit the requirements of the small membership. It



pages 26-27
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