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constitute a quorum. 3rd That all elections be conducted under the secret ballot system. Majority electing same.4th That the office of second Vice Pres. be abolished. Next the order was the nomination of officers. It was decided by the Club to give an evening party soon "Whist" being the game. Mrs. Mills kindly offered to take the Chairmanship after a call from the Pres. for volunteers. Letters from Clara M. Crisler; A.E. Vanderleith and one from Reno urging us as Club Women to observe the House product days between the 5 and 10. Mrs. Fitzgerald was appointed to call and ask grocers[?] to make a special display of Nev. products during those days. The next meeting to be Apr. 22. Meeting adj'd. N.V. Winkler Sec.Apr. 22 1920.The meeting was called to order by the President, Mrs. Earnest. The Treasurer reported that there was $12.80 in the treasury.Mrs. Mills asked to have the card party postponed and after much discussion an Auction party was decided on. Mrs. Earnest, Mrs. McNair and Mrs. Taylor donated the prizes. Election of officers was next in order. Mrs. Pauline Mills was elected Pres. Mrs. Ruby Fitzgerald first Vice, Mrs. Nellie V. Winkler Sec. Mrs. Roberson Treasurer. Directors Mrs. Kendall, Mrs. McNair, Mrs. Rosenthal, and Mrs. Murdock. The meeting adjourned after deciding to hold the next meeting the fourth Thursday in May.Nellie V. WinklerSec.



pages 32-33
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