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May 12th 1921.The regular meeting of the Goldfield Woman's Club was held at the Club house Thursday afternoon May 12th. Mrs. Mills the President called the meeting to order. The minutes of the meeting of May 27th and of Oct. 14th were read and accepted. The Treasurer's report was read and accepted. The Treasurer reports a balance on hand of $6.80. A motion was made and carried to have an election in the fall, second meeting. The Sec. was instructed to confer with the Fourth of July committee. And turn the Citizenship pamphlet over to them. The Sec. was instructed to write letters to Mrs. Church and Miss Clara Crisler Mrs. Olga C. Sicomondi name was posted for Club membership. Proposed by Mrs. Mills and vouched for by Mrs. McNear and Mrs. Kendall.Mrs. Rickerson, Mrs. Theo and Mrs. Rickett will return to the Club as members. Mrs. Murdock was made Chairman of White day. No further business the chair was turned over to the Vice President Mrs. Walter Fitzgerald. And our President Mrs. Mills read a very interesting paper on coffee. Delicious refreshments were served to the members and guest, by the committee in charge of the day. Mrs. Mills Mrs. McNear, Mrs. Murdock and Mrs. KendallAfter a pleasant after noon the meeting adjourned at 5 o'clock.Mabel KendallSec'y pro tem



pages 38-39
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