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before the meeting and these names read for the first timeMrs. Sallie McCandless proposed by Mrs. Sprague, vouched for by Mrs. Ricketts and Mrs. McNair.Mrs. John Salsbury proposed by Mrs. Sprague, vouched for by Mrs. Ricketts and Mrs. Barnes.Mrs. Scott proposed by Mrs. Sprague vouched for by Mrs. Barlow and Mrs. Shaffer.Mrs. Harry Moon proposed by Mrs. Sprague, vouched for by Mrs. Mills and Mrs. McNair.Mrs. Foster chairman of the refreshment committee reported all arrangements made.Mrs. Sprague reported the roof and stove pipe fixed also that she had seen Mr. Beard in regard to insurance and would also see the Bank. Also reported the light meter arranged for.It was agreed that all the ladies who could would meet at the club house Monday Feb. 13 at 3.30 pm to finish all details for the Card Party, finish decorating and see to the kitchen arrangements.As there was no other business Mrs. Sprague asked for the Current Events.Mrs. Foster spoke on the volcano in Alaska.Mrs. Ricketts on the unemployment question.Mrs. McNair on Madame Curie.Mrs. Barnes on the Soldier Bonus Bill.Mrs. Gill on the disarmament conference.Mrs. Hillebert, censorship of the movies and Mrs. Sprague on the doing of one's duty even unto death, citing the death of Mr. O'Toole as an example.The meeting then adjourned after one verse of America.Christine Hillebert Sec.Approved



pages 58-59
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