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The regular meeting of the Goldfield Woman's Club was held in the Club House Nov. 9, 1922 with eleven members present.The meeting was called to order by the Pres., Mrs. Sprague.Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.Treas. reported a deposit of $10 and $8.90 paid out in checks, leaving a balance of $11.85 in the bank. A motion was made and carried that it be accepted.Motion was made and carried that the amendment read at last meeting he accepted changing Art. 5 Sec. 1 of by-laws to read as follows:-"The entrance fee shall be two dollars paid in advance. Thereafter the membership fee shall be two dollars per annum. Membership fees shall be paid within one month after the beginning of the club year. Upon the payment of due membership cards shall be issued.Non resident members may retain their membership upon payment of one dollar per annum"Mrs. Moon, hostess for the following meeting asked each member to contribute either a song or a story.Mrs. Ricketts being too ill to contribute her paper on Armistice Day, Mrs. Sprague read an interesting paper on the subject.The meeting adjourned at 3.30 and cards were enjoyed for the remainder of the afternoon followed by refreshments. This was the annual Officer's Day.Ethel T. Foster.Sec pro tem.



pages 78-79
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