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March 8th 1923A regular meeting of the Goldfield Woman's Club was held at the Club House Thursday afternoon March the eight. The meeting was called to order by Mrs. Gill the vice-president. The regular Secretary, Mrs. Hillebert being absent Mrs. Mills acted and read the minutes of the last meeting Mrs. McNair, the treasurer reported $20.00 as the receipts of the card party given on Washington's Birthday making our balance in bank $42.75 Mrs. Reedall, Chairman of Refreshment Committee reported that she and Mrs. Bogard, her assistant, made up the deficit in her expense account. Mrs. Foster chairman of Party, not present. The Secretary was instructed to send a letter of regret and appreciation to Mrs. Foster, a Director as well as a member who has moved to Los Angeles. Mrs. Hillebert, who typed fine copies of our Constitution and By-Laws as a gift to the Club was given a rising note of "Thanks."Motion made that the several "communications to be read" be laid on the table as it was getting late and we were anxious to hear Miss McGuire's talk on "An Outline of Early history of the World" which was by subject for the afternoon. Miss McGuire made diagrams of the different stages and eras of her subject. These she afterwards presented to the Club. Miss McGuire furnished a very interesting and instructive afternoon.Pauline MillsActing Sec'yApproved



pages 92-93
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