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The regular meeting of the Goldfield Woman's Club was held April 12, 1923.The meeting was called to order by the president Mrs. Sprague, the roll was called, thirteen members responding the minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.The treasurer reported a balance of $30.40 in the bank $8.45 in the General fund and $21.95 in the Charity fund. Her report was accepted.It was moved and seconded that the treasurer be instructed to pay a bill of .$60 for O'Cedar Oil.An article was read by Mrs. Sprague A Memoir to Mrs. Church.It was moved and seconded that we defer action in changing the meetings from afternoon to evening and taking in the menas members of the club.It was moved and seconded that the club hire Mr. Anthony for janitor.An election of officers was held the following ladies being elected.Mrs. Chas. S. Sprague was elected president unanimously.Mrs. Arthur Barnes, Vice Pres. unanimous.Mrs. J.B. Kendall 2nd Vice pres. unanimous.Mrs. Harry Moon Treasurer unanimous.Mrs. Gaylord Hillebert Sec. " "The following ladies were elected by ballot for directors. Mrs. W.R. Foster, Mrs. T. A. Mills, Mrs. McNair, Mrs. J.E. Walsh. Auditor Miss. McGinNo other business coming before the meeting, the club adjourned to meet April 26, 1923.Christine HillebertSec.



pages 96-97
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