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The regular meeting of the Goldfield Woman's Club was held of the Club House April 26, 1923. The meeting was called to order by the president Mrs. Sprague. The roll was called with fourteen members responding.The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. The treasurer reported a bill of .$60 paid.It was moved, seconded, and passed that it be optional with the chairman of the day whether the meeting for the coming year be held in the afternoon or evening and whether she have men to help her with her program.A letter was read by the secretary. It was moved and seconded that the treasurer send [?] a book on "Thousand Dollar Prize Programs and sixteen studies on Government and Civics.A letter was read from Mrs. Foster a former director now in Los Angeles. It was decided that we have a clean-up weekand ask the High School [boys?] to help. Mrs. Barnes and Mrs. Ricketts were appointed to see the County Commissioners and ask if they would send teams to haul the trash.The secretary was instructed to send guest cards to Mrs. Selby and Mrs. Phillips and a guest card to Mrs. [Butler?] for the month of May.The President presented the certificate to the new officers and then the meeting was turned to Mrs. Moon who gave a very interesting paper on Early U.S. History.Current Events were called for by the President the following ladies contributing Mrs. Carman, Barnes, Reedall, McGinn, Moon, and Sprague.No other business being before the club it adjourned after singing one verse of America to meet May 10, 1923.Christine HillebertSec.Approved



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