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Roll call Feb. 23 March 9 March 23 Oct. 26 '22 Nov 9 Mrs. Chas. Sprague p p p p p p p pMrs. Ben Gill p p p Mrs. Arthur Barnes p p p p p p p aMrs. T. A. Mills p p p p p p x aMrs. Victor Ricketts p p p p x pMrs. N.F. McNair x p p p p p p aMrs. E.D. Foster p p p p p x aMrs. Gaylord Hillebert p p p p p x Mrs. H.C. Roberson x Mrs. Margaret Murdock [crossed out] Mrs. Anna Shafer p p p [crossed out] Mrs. Harry Ernest x Mrs. Addie Richardson p p Mrs. Ben Barlow p Mrs. L.L. Dillinger Mrs. Olga Simondi x Mrs. J.B. Kendall p p p xMrs. E.J. Howland p p p p p p x Mrs. H.C. Reedall Mrs. Adams F. Brown p p Mrs. Harry Oakley p p



pages 122-123
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