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1- MT ODDIE2—TONOPAH BELMONT MINE 3-TONOPAH BELMONT MILL 4-HALIFAX MINE5-MTODDIE UNITED MINES (VERNA SHAFT)NATURE'S TREASURE VAULTMT. ODDIEROMANCE upon romance, from poverty to wealth, is the history of Tonopah, America's greatest mining camp. From the moment that James L. Butler, plodding up the southern slope of Mt. Oddie, first discovered the outcroppings of the famous Mizpah Ledge, Dame Fortune has smiled upon all who have assisted in uncovering this limitless storehouse of nature's wealth.Where a few years ago a desolate wilderness frowned in the fastness of the San Antonio Mountains, there now nestles at the base of treasure-laden hills a bustling city of seven thousand souls, with all modern conveniences and the refinements of civilization.The news of the Tonopah mines spread early in 1901, and the development of the camp and its present production has excelled the brightest dreams of avarice, and brought it into a realization of poss -bilities that even now, after a total production of $75,000,000, is only in the making.GREATER TONOPAHThe latest developments on the ore zone, both east and west, foreshadow the opening up of more producing mines and the rebuilding of a Greater Tonopah than was ever anticipated. They show some of the marvelous possibilities of a camp which already has enough ore blocked out in its mines for 20 years to come. The growth of this great mineral output, the persistent extension of this producing mineral belt, are the indisputable facts that appeal to investors and make Tonopah the greatest Gold-Silver camp in the world.VEINS RUN EAST AND WEST.Extensive developments have demonstrated that there are over forty parallel veins with an EAST AND WEST TREND from six to eighty feet in width, running from a good milling grade to thousands of dollars per ton.There are already six mines in Tonopah operating their own milling plants, aggregating 320 stamps, and eight other mines shipping rich ore, with several more about to enter the shipping list.TONOPAH MINING COMPANY.The Tonopah Mining Company, whose property consists of 130 acres, has paid to its stockholders in the last nine years, the tidy sum of $12,000,000, or $3,600.00 ON AN INVESTMENT OF $100.00.TONOPAH BELMONT.Adjoining the Tonopah Mining Company's property on the east is the Tonopah Belmont, consisting of 122 acres, the premier gold-silver mine of America. The Belmont Vein is the greatest discovery since the days of the Comstock. It is famous for streaks of phenomenally rich ore in extensive ore shoots of exceptionally high average grade, occurring with large bodies of payable milling ore. This company is now paying in dividends to its original stockholders the ENORMOUS PROFIT OF $116.66 PER MONTH ON AN INVESTMENT OF $100.00HALIFAXMINEThe Halifax Mine adjoins the Belmont on the east, and the Mt. Oddie United on the west, consisting of 80 acres, with a width of 1200 feet across the ore zone. Several veins have been cut in this property, but the principal work is now centered on the Belmont Vein on the 1000-foot level, which is 45 feet wide, with the result that an ore body that will rival the best in the district has been developed.(Tonopah Daily Bonanza. January 6, 1914.)"HALIFAX CUTS BIG LEDGE ON 1100 LEVEL.CONTINUANCE OF ORE BODY ON 1000 LEVELMEANS ANOTHER BELMONT."The Halifax has cut the big ledge on the 1100, where the magnitude of the ore body and values show no sign of diminishing. The success confirms the belief that the ore will continue on down to the 1400 and that the Halifax, with this fact established, will have one of the greatest ore bodies known in the history of mining."(Salt Lake Tribune, April 14th, 1914.)"HALIFAX WILL BUILD A MILL."While in Nevada, Senator Kearns confered with contractors relative to the construction of a large new mill on the Halifax Tonopah property. * * * The mine is apparently rich in ore."THIS BRIEF ACCOUNT OF THESE THREE FAMOUS AND ADJOINING MINES TO THE MT. ODDIE UNITED IS GIVEN FOR THE PURPOSE OF DIRECTING THE READER'S ATTENTION TO THE EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITIES FOR INVESTMENT AND SPECULATION IN THE STOCK OF THE MT. ODDIE UNITED MINES COMPANY:



Mount Oddie Mine Advertisement
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